Tuesday 9 December – PRE-CONFERENCE DAY
Premium or Dinner Ticket required – Tickets sold here

17:00 – 22:00 – Upgraded Dinner (hands-on) @ Flavour Studio (Työpajankatu 2, Helsinki)
Wild food chef Sami Tallberg

  • More like an upgraded cooking workshop than a dinner
  • Prepared by you with the speakers in guidance of Biohacker’s Handbook authors and wild food chef Sami Tallberg.
  • 6 course dinner prepared in 6 kitchens just like in a TV cooking show
  • Ultra seasonal ingredients, local forage and wild game
  • Everything of course, upgraded with the latest biohacked cooking techniques

This exclusive learning opportunity is based on the upcoming Biohacker’s Handbook “food & nutrition” chapter and on the secret arts practiced by our chefs. The seats are limited, so act quickly.

Wednesday 10 December – MAIN CONFERENCE DAY
Wanha Satama (Pikku Satamakatu 3-5, Helsinki)

09:00 – Coffee with the Speakers, networking and Show & Tell Company Stands
High-quality coffee served: Warrior Coffee (Guatemalan high altitude, single origin, water washed)

10:00 – Opening Remarks: Welcome to the Upgraded Workweek
Biohacker Summit Organizers Teemu Arina and Mikko Ikola

10:15 – Biohacker’s Handbook presents: Biohacking the Workweek
Authors Teemu Arina, Olli Sovijärvi and Jaakko Halmetoja

11:00What Neuroscience Tells Us About Upgrading Work & Cognition
Neuroscientist Katri Saarikivi

11:30 – What Gets Measured Gets Managed: What the Data Tells and Doesn’t
PhD in Analytics, CEO and Most Quantified Man in Finland Pekko Vehviläinen

12:00 – Lunch Break & Show & Tell Company Stands
Upgraded Paleo Lunch

13:30 – Escape 9-to-5: Get Things Done With Virtual Assistants
Co-Founder Mikko Ikola, V-assistentti.fi

14:00 – Upgrade 9-to-5: What Actually Works in Organizations
Author & Creative Director Saku Tuominen, 925 Design

14:30 – Coffee with the speakers, networking break and Show & Tell Company Stands
High-quality coffee served: Warrior Coffee (Guatemalan high altitude, single origin, water washed)

15:30 – Lifehacking for Executives
Lifehacking Veteran Martijn Aslander (NL)

16:00 – Surgery and Installation of Implants on Two Volunteers
Technologist, Author, and Double RFID Implantee Amal Graafstra (US)

16:30 – Conversation With the Audience: Future of Quantified Self & Biohacking
Digital Health Strategist Maarten den Braber (NL)

17:00 – Summary and Closing Words
Biohacker Summit Organizers Teemu Arina and Mikko Ikola

18:00 – Official After Party @ A21 Cocktail Lounge (Annankatu 21, Helsinki)
DJ Arkaei (DE) – Biohacker coctails available with upgraded ingredients

A full day learning practical tricks, talking to the hardest-to-get experts, and trying out the latest self quantification & biohacking tools with other like-minded people interested in optimal performance.

Focus on being productive instead of busy:

  • Measure and upgrade your workweek
  • Maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day
  • Improve daily routines with latest technologies and tools

…and much more.

You will receive practical hands-on advice that you can immediately implement into your working life.

This event is in high demand – Join us and get your tickets before we run out 🙂