Reconnecting with Nature with Herbalist Yarrow Willard

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It is not everyday that you find yourself in the presence of a 21st century jedi by a stream in the woods, though the Biohacker Summit has a unique way of identifying and bringing these modern day wise men into one mesmerizing space. Enchanting as it may be, that is exactly what Yarrow Willard known […]

Self-Tracking Made Simple with Thomas Blomseth Christiansen

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Known for his complete five-year record of his sneezes since 2011, and over 100,000+ observations from tracking food, water and supplement intake, sleep, fatigue and allergies, Thomas Blomseth Christiansen took matters fully into his own hands in finding solutions to his health issues. He is a technologist and social entrepreneur with a special interest in […]

Mental Fitness for Modern Mind

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Kasper van der Meulen is a perfect example of a biohacker, whose journey towards healthy living went through the hardships of overcoming stress and anxiety. He was suffering from the lack of focus, till the moment he realised his life needs change on a broader level. He delved into neuroscience for enhanced focus, and studied […]

Hacking Time with Chris Dancy

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Have you ever noticed different the time could be? It flies when we are in a flow state, moves like a snail when we are standing in a queue and disappears when we start reading our Facebook feed. Setting the jokes aside, we all experience time in our own unique way. To understand our experience […]

Changes to David Wolfe’s participation as a speaker

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The organiser committee of the Biohacker Summit 2017 has revisited David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe’s involvement as a speaker. The Biohacker Summit 2017 conference held on 13-14 October in Helsinki, Finland stands for critical thinking, research and data-driven improvement of human performance. To support this agenda we give stage for both scientists and pioneering practitioners and individuals […]

Biohacker Summit 2017 – Helsinki becomes the Biohacking Capital of Europe

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Biohacker Summit, Helsinki, Finland. 13–14 October 2017 (Fri–Sat) Biohacker Summit is the largest biohacking event in Europe, organized for the 6th time, that connect wellbeing companies with medical professionals, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, health and nutrition enthusiasts, and other future shapers and influencers. “Helsinki is the biohacking capital of Europe. Biohacker Summit has been steadily […]