Private: Changes to David Wolfe’s participation as a speaker

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The organiser committee of the Biohacker Summit 2017 has revisited David ‘Avocado’ Wolfe’s involvement as a speaker. The Biohacker Summit 2017 conference held on 13-14 October in Helsinki, Finland stands for critical thinking, research and data-driven improvement of human performance. To support this agenda we give stage for both scientists and pioneering practitioners and individuals conducting their own research.

New information has surfaced in our investigation about David Wolfe’s background and has changed our stance regarding his suitability for inclusion as a speaker in this conference. In this process we have taken into account the feedback we have received from our valued biohacker community. As a result we have decided to remove David Wolfe from the list of speakers.

  • Flavio Soares

    Well done.

  • Mrs Grimble

    Yeah – he’s the secular equivalent of evangelical child preachers, like this one:

  • Clifford Ageloff

    He is neither a scientist nor a pioneering practitioner of jack

  • Inservio Letum

    Excellent decision, I salute your commitment to eradicating selfaggrandising quackery.

  • Yvette Guinevere d’Entremont

    As the person who wrote this, I love everything about this announcement:

    • Pollgera

      I follow this lovely person on FB …. name: SciBabe.

  • Cesar Tejeda

    Bravo! I applaud your decision.

  • Otis Pishaw

    An intelligent decision!

  • Tracie Button

    Impressed, the right decision

  • Andy Parker

    About time too.


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