1. What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing and maximizing your wellbeing and performance with biological and technological tools.

2. What is Biohacker Summit?

The event is the focal point for learning faster, performing better, living longer, and enjoying more what you wake up to do every day. Discover the latest in wearables, internet of things, nutrition, digital health, and mobile apps to increase performance, be healthier, stay fit, and get more done.

3. Who’s organising the event?

Biohacker Summit is organised by Biohacker Center, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Biohacker Center is a think tank focused on the study of optimal human performance. Website: Biohacker Center

4. Who are the speakers?

Presenters include leading international figures, technologists, medical professionals, and visionaries from the fields of digital health, quantified self, life extension, and biohacking.

5. What is the target group?

Biohacker Summit is organized for people interested in optimizing their performance and wellbeing. Our audience is international and consists of entrepreneurs, executives, technologists, medical and wellness professionals, and coaches. Biohacker Summit in 2016 gathered 1000+ participants. In 2017 we expect to gather 1500+ participants.

6. When is the next Biohacker Summit?
7. Can I try some biohacking equipment and gadgets myself in Biohacker Summit?

The event features the Upgraded Exhibition. Participants are invited to try out new wearables, fiddle with biohacking equipment, exercise, try out latest nutritional products and engage in recovery practices such as cold thermogenesis, infrared sauna, binaural beats and massages.

8. How can I participate to the event?
9. What is the Upgraded Dinner?

Participants take part in preparing a 6-course dinner in 6 kitchen teams guided by wild food chef Sami Tallberg.

Upgraded Dinner is a future food lab taking food, preparation, cooking, and eating to the next level with the latest science and kitchen chemistry. Biohacking techniques are used to preserve quality and increase absorption of ingredients such as foraged plants, wild game, and seasonal local produce.

This is an extremely unique and rare dinner that runs more like a hands-on workshop. A true learning experience in addition to incredible flavour.

10. What is the Biohacker’s Handbook?

Biohacker’s Handbook dives deep into upgrading work, mind, sleep, nutrition, and exercise with biological and technological tools.

Biohacker’s Handbook is an e-book series, podcast, webinar series, and upcoming printed book available in Finnish (2016) and English (late 2017).

The book is a top selling book in the knowledge and wellbeing categories in Finland and most crowd funded knowledge book ever.

Authors include technology specialist Teemu Arina, medical doctor Olli Sovijärvi, and nutrition specialist Jaakko Halmetoja. Book website: Biohacker’s Handbook.