Interview with Ruben Horbach: Man with Implant Under His Skin

Ruben Horbach is the founder of WizKid, an Internet of Things startup, and a graduate student currently writing his thesis to finish his Communication & Multimedia Design study. He is a speaker on emerging technologies. Here is how Ruben describes the current landscape: “People are flooded by information about new consumer technologies. We see an enormous rise in the amount of … Read More

Interview with Saku Tuominen How to Upgrade 9-to-5: What Actually Works in Organizations

Saku Tuominen is an entrepreneur, innovator, creative director, executive producer, author, keynote speaker and curator. He founded Broadcasters, one of the most successful independent Finnish TV production companies. In 2009-2010 Saku Tuominen was the Chief Creative Officer of Zodiak Entertainment, the world´s 3rd largest TV production company in London. He also founded Idealist Group, a production company of ideas that has … Read More

Interview with Maarten den Braber: The World of Biohacking

Maarten den Braber from the Netherlands is a Digital Health Strategist, working on applying and researching new business models in technology and health. He runs digital health strategy company SQRD with clients such as medical-clinical labs, hospital organizations and healthcare marketing agencies. He also co-founded the global Quantified Self Europe conference, QS Amsterdam and Nexthealth (organizing the first ever European Health … Read More

Biohacker Summit on 10th of December 2014

Biohacker Summit is the focal point for learning how to upgrade your workweek and finding your optimal performance. Biohacking is the art and science of optimizing your wellness and performance with technological and biological tools. At the event will learn how to use latest solutions in quantified self and biohacking to measure, optimize and improve your daily routines, maintain optimal … Read More