Synthetic Biology Leads to New Forms of Life

Futurist and engineer Nell Watson from Faculty AI & Robotics at Singularity University spoke about “Nanomachines and Internal Computing” in her keynote at the Biohacker Summit 2015. Nell predicts that recent developments in nano-computing and synthetic biology are leading us to the explosion of new life forms. Already today neurosynaptic IBM chip has roughly the same amount of neurons as a … Read More

Upgraded Drinks for an Energetic Alcohol-Free Party

Biohacker Summit 2015 was all about how to become better, faster, stronger by upgrading different areas of our lives. When it came to the Upgraded Party (official afterparty of Biohacker Summit), we asked ourselves: how do we bring the party experience to the next level? We wanted to challenge the stereotype that every party should revolve around alcohol (typically followed by … Read More