Andrew Steele on Using Genetic Data For Fitness and Nutrition

Andrew Steele is an Olympic athlete, running the 400m and 4x400m for Great Britain. Having competed internationally for over 12 years Andrew is one of the most experienced athletes on Team GB, having been part of national teams at European, Commonwealth, World and Olympic level. Alongside his training for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Andrew is also one of the … Read More

Heart Rate Variability and long life – what’s the connection?

This is a guest article by Simon Wegerif, a speaker of the upcoming Biohacker Summit UK and founder of HRV Fit (ithlete). Contrary to what you might expect, the human heart does not beat with a metronome-like regularity at rest, but in fact continually varies to optimize the functioning of your body. These small beat to beat variations are known … Read More

London Calling: Interview With the Biohacker Summit UK Organizers

Biohacker Summit London is an international event that covers the latest tools and methods for upgrading performance, wellbeing and health. We interviewed Jamie & Jake from Pando HQ – the company that brings Biohacker Summit to the UK. Pando team is currently working hard putting together the event, gathering the best biohacking startups, upgraded speakers, health experts and media to London on May 21, 2016. … Read More

Avoiding Sickness: Biohackers Handbook on Hacking the Immune System

Biohacker’s Handbook project started in 2014 by 3 Finns – technology specialist Teemu Arina, nutrition specialist Jaakko Halmetoja and MD Olli Sovijärvi. Three friends with combined knowledge of health, nutrition and technology came together to explore what needs to be done to optimize the human condition. Biohackers Handbook answers the question of what are the 20 % of the causes that determine in 80 % of results … Read More

Supercharge Your Health with Body, Mind and Tech — Biohacker Summit in London

  What are the hottest trends in the wellbeing sector? How can new technologies help us achieve better results in work and play? How can latest understanding of genetics, nutrition and exercise be used to optimize human performance? What can we anticipate from the future of digital health, wearables, activity trackers, Internet of Things, implants and synthetic biology? We welcome … Read More