Private: Changes to David Wolfe’s participation as a speaker

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10 Responses to "Private: Changes to David Wolfe’s participation as a speaker"
  1. Flavio Soares says:

    Well done.

  2. Mrs Grimble says:

    Yeah – he’s the secular equivalent of evangelical child preachers, like this one:

  3. Clifford Ageloff says:

    He is neither a scientist nor a pioneering practitioner of jack

  4. Inservio Letum says:

    Excellent decision, I salute your commitment to eradicating selfaggrandising quackery.

  5. Yvette Guinevere d'Entremont says:

    As the person who wrote this, I love everything about this announcement:

  6. Cesar Tejeda says:

    Bravo! I applaud your decision.

  7. Otis Pishaw says:

    An intelligent decision!

  8. Tracie Button says:

    Impressed, the right decision

  9. Andy Parker says:

    About time too.

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