Self Hacking to Wellness With Joeseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen has had a history of unfortunate genetic predispositions for chronic health problems that conventional medicine hasn’t come far enough to diagnose. Experimenting with a variety of diets and supplements programmes, he was unable to find a solution for his health problems, until he really started digging deep into research to understand what was happening in his body on … Read More

Upgrading the Workplace with Authors of Biohacker’s Handbook

In the endless race of this modern age towards living our dreams, many of us end up overworked, exhausted and stressed – with little time to do what we love – or sadly, even be with those we love. Worst of all, our bodies bear the brunt and take the beating. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, then the … Read More

How to Transform Your Life With Healing Foods

Olli Posti is a perfect example of how we should think about our health and be in charge of our own lives. When he was only 10 years old he started noticing first symptoms of asthma. Later, at the age of 19, he was diagnosed with MS disease. This made him feel both scared and liberated, and soon after the … Read More

DYI Biohacking Experiments With Quantified Bob

Blood oxygen (SPO2) and blood pressure levels, galvanic skin responses (GSR), glucose, heart, ketone, PH and sleep API’s, – Bob Troia shares these measurements and much more on his website. Over the past few years, Bob Troia, known in biohacking community as Quantified Bob, has made no secret of his biohacking adventures, documenting all of his self-tracked data via a … Read More

Helsinki becomes the Biohacking Capital of Europe

Biohacker Summit – Helsinki becomes the Biohacking Capital of Europe Biohacker Summit, Helsinki, Finland. 13–14 October 2017 (Fri–Sat) Biohacker Summit is the largest biohacking event in Europe, organized for the 5th time, that connect wellbeing companies with medical professionals, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, health and nutrition enthusiasts, and other future shapers and influencers. “Helsinki is the biohacking capital of Europe. … Read More

What Happens When You Attach a New Sense to Your Body?

Adding new senses is nothing new in biohacking community. Back in 2014 Dutchman Maarten Den Braber installed a magnet at before his keynote at Biohacker Summit. He was not the first one to opt in for an idea of gaining the new body ability to sense electromagnetism. The first experiments with magnetic implants were registered in 2012. Today, what happens … Read More

Tomi Kokko Path to Becoming Lean in 5 Weeks

Tomi Kokko is a Finnish entrepreneur, a leading lifestyle change expert and development coach in Finland. He is inspirational attitude and his successful Lean In Five Weeks program has helped over 8,000 Finns to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Tomi Kokko has a history of playing a variety of different sports such as football and hockey, but his biggest achievements came … Read More

Looking Good Naked, While Maximising Your Longevity

“Athletes are unhealthy, I’m just sayin’. Sure, on the outside we exercise enthusiasts and gym junkies may look like pristine spandex-clad Greek gods and goddesses dominating ironman events, CrossFit games, Spartan races, and ultramarathons, but on the inside, we’ve got depleted hormones, overstressed hearts and damaged gust from out physically demanding lifestyle” – writes Ben Greenfield in his book Beyond … Read More

How to Measure Biological Age with Alexander Fedintsev

“For as long as we live we must work on extending our lifespans”. This is how Alexander Fedintsev, anti-aging researcher for the Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology at Russian Academy of Sciences introduces his work. His starting point to extend lifespans starts with the accurate determination of the biological age. After that we will be able to effectively apply various interventions … Read More