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The distinction between microcosm and macrocosm has intrigued the imagination of humans since Plato. This year the theme is microcosm & macrocosm of health: Understanding health down from the microscopic level of nutrients, genes, cells, micro-organisms and neurotransmitters up to the macroscopic view of human nutrition, ecosystems, technologies and the future of humanity. Health is about striving for an equilibrium: finding the balance between the tiniest details and the connected whole.

"If you want to know what is mainstream tomorrow, this is where it's at."

Biohacker Summit Themes


Unique blend of world class speakers on health, nutrition, human augmentation, human performance, biohacking, and quantified self. We cover it all.

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (FIN)

Licensed General Practitioner @ Helsinki Antioxidant Clinic, Author @ Biohacker’s Handbook

Chris Dancy (USA)

World's Most Connected Man, Mindful Cyborg

Ben Greenfield (USA)

Human Performance Author & Consultant, Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness

Bob Troia (USA)

Citizen Scientist, Biohacker @ Quantified Bob

Thomas Blomseth Christiansen (DNK)

Self-tracker, Technologist, Co-founder @ TOTTI Labs & Flowrunner

Alexander Fedintsev (RUS)

Anti-aging Researcher @ Russian Academy of Sciences

Joseph Cohen (USA)

Founder @ SelfHacked and @ SelfDecode

Kasper van der Meulen (NLD)

Bestselling Author, Science Teacher, Human Performance Expert

Yarrow Willard (CAN)

Master & Clinical Herbalist, Director @ Wild Rose College of Natural Healing

Liviu Babitz (GBR)

Human With an Artificial Sensory Organ, CEO @ Cyborg Nest

Stanislav Skakun (RUS)

Biohacker Measuring 560 Biomarkers Monthly, PhD, CMA, PMP

Harri Helajärvi (FIN)

MD, PhD, Sports and Exercise Medicine

Elin Sandberg (SWE)

Medical Doctor, Yoga Teacher, Researcher

Sam Engström (FIN)

CEO & Founder @ Timespace

Marko Mäkinen (FIN)

Self-optimization Enthusiast, CEO @ Rohtos Labs

Hannu Kinnunen (FIN)

Chief Scientific Officer @ Oura Health

Olli Posti (FIN)

Health Influencer, Personal Shopper & Supermarket Survivalist

Jaakko Halmetoja (FIN)

Nutrition Specialist, Independent Wellness Entrepreneur, Author @ Biohacker’s Handbook

Teemu Arina (FIN)

Curator @ Biohacker Summit, Author @ Biohacker’s Handbook

Reidar Wasenius (FIN)

Personal Brainer & Founder @ BRIIM, Director @ Founder Institute Helsinki

Tomi Kokko (FIN)

Lifestyle Transformation Expert, Founder @ Lean in Five Weeks Challenge

Vanessa Spina (CAN)

Author & Expert on the Ketogenic Diet, Founder @ Ketogenicgirl

Nelli Lähteenmäki (FIN)

CEO & Co-Founder @ Fifth Corner Inc.

Inka Immonen (FIN)

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Biohacker


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Pioneers and trend-setters in optimal performance, health and wellbeing.



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Two unforgettable days of:

  • Upgraded keynotes: Our upgraded mainstage hosts keynotes from the top performers from the health and wellbeing industry.
  • Upgraded exhibition: Discover the latest technologies, equipment, nutrition and methods for optimal health and performance.
  • Upgraded performances: Artworks and installations from internationally acclaimed modern artists exploring the microcosm & macrocosm.
  • Upgraded audience: 1000+ entrepreneurs, executives, investors, innovators, technologists, early adopters, medical & wellness professionals, academics and designers. Rarely you meet such an expectional crowd!
  • Biohacker's food court: Discover the latest nutritional interventions that you can immediately take advantage of by ingesting them.
  • Thermogenic spa: Experience traditional Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, ice bath, hot tub and cryochambers for the health benefits of heat alteration.
  • Brain battle: Beat others with the muscle that is between your shoulders.
  • Wireless headphones: Listen to the live talks or zone out to meditation tracks while you actively explore the exhibition and network with others.
  • Upgraded VIP area: Network with speakers, media and VIPs while enjoying expectional catering and views to the conference and main stage.
  • Upgraded side-events: Upgraded Dinner and Upgraded Offsite.


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Biohacker Summit Themes

Suvilahti Power Plant is located a short distance from the Helsinki city centre. For accommodation, we recommend you to stay in the city centre near Kamppi or Railway Station and take the metro from there.

This impressive historical monument consists of 1650 square meters and a large industrial outdoor area. During the Biohacker Summit the space will transform into a Biohacker Stage and Upgraded Exhibiton for biohacking related content. Outside the venue we have the Thermogenic Spa: the real Finnish saunas, infrared cabins, cryocabins, hot tubs and cold ice baths for heat alteration benefits, and more.

Twitter: #BHSUMMIT

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