Biohacker Summit partners with Movesense (Suunto) to provide startups, hackers and creative individuals the opportunity to take advantage of the Movesense platform to build solutions that take advantage of the Movesense smart motion sensors and development platform.

If you think you are able to cook up something utilizing the sensors that can be showcased in 4 weeks at the Biohacker Summit, you can enter to win a:

  • Free ticket to the Biohacker Summit 13-14 October + two of your friends
  • Suunto watch
  • A goodie bag from our sponsors
  • A media package from Biohacker Summit

You will also get the Movesense Development Kit for free, if you have a great idea to implement.

This package is around 2000 € in value.

Example ideas for application:

  • Track one of our competitions organized by Training For Warriors (e.g. pull-ups)
  • Track speakers on stage and visualize data in real-time and provide a summary
  • Track one of our performances (e.g. the yoga class or the acro yoga performance on stage) and provide some interesting insight
  • Track the morning meditation and provide insight into calmness and focus
  • Track random attendees throughout the venue and visualize the movement data
  • Build a demo stand where the sensors can be tried by attendees for a specific application, such as a game, a visualizer, a VR experience, a sports session – You name it

We are ready to work with you on any idea worth implementing and showcase them at the Biohacker Summit.

If you think you can build one of these applications or something else that is in your mind, you are welcome to contribute.

About Movesense

Movesense is an open development environment for motion sensing solutions. Its easy and innovative tools 
revolutionize measuring and sensing sports. With Movesense, you can make better sense of your favorite sports activities.

You can track motion, analyze the data, and gain valuable insights while unlocking a whole new level of sports experience for participants and athletes. And you don’t need to restrict to sports – Movesense can track anything that moves.

Movesense includes a set of developer tools, API’s, the Movesense sensor and professional support that will allow you to create dedicated applications and services for your favorite sports and other motion sensing needs.

Technical Details

The Movesense APIs are available for mobile development on the Android and iOS platforms through an SDK. You will have access to a Device Library that enables you to access the sensor and process data at the sensor for later syncing and the Mobile Library for accessing the data on the sensor.

Exceptional for a small battery powered device, the sensor runs Movesense Device API, a REST-type service framework for building applications in the sensor and to provide data to phone apps.

Technical highlights:

  • 9-axis motion sensor
  • Built-in memory for data logging
  • Bluetooth® Smart
  • Replaceable battery
  • Only 10 g (0.35 oz.) with the battery

Common, low-cost developer tools:

  • C++ GCC open source toolchain
  • Programming and debugging jig available
  • 3rd party programming and debugging dongle
  • Wireless firmware update with smartphone

Developer tools

  • Xcode (for iOS)
  • Android Studio
  • GCC toolchain for sensor firmware

More information on the Movesense website.

Rules for Entering the Competition

  1. Submit the application form below
  2. We review the application and inform you on your inclusion in the competition
  3. Receive a free Movesense Developer Kit by mail (two Movesense sensors and connectors and access to the beta SDK)
  4. Hack someting together and demonstrate it works (preferably by 9 October)
  5. Showcase the solution at Biohacker Summit (13-14 October)
  6. Best solution receives fame on stage, the Suunto Watch, the Goodie Bag and Biohacker Summit Media Package for exposure

You can also use this form to enter the Movesense Developer Program independent of the Biohacker Summit event. In that case, please describe your project idea you are interested in developing in the long-term.

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