Neurofeedback and QEEG: Be the Best Version of Yourself with Dr. Andrew Hill

Life is all about performance. If you perform well, you live well, and you can perform at your best. Is there something that holds you back or an area that you’d like to improve upon? Neurotechnology has evolved to identify areas of improvement and design a customized and targeted training plan to help you achieve your cognitive goals. Neurofeedback is … Read More

Immersive Meditation In Virtual Reality

This is a guest article by Co-founder and CEO of FLOWVR, Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin. FLOWVR is a unique App that combines meditation with Virtual Reality.

Optimize your Sleep and Life with Greg Potter

We all know that sleep is important but we not always know exactly why or how to improve it. In his talk at the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Greg Potter presented the state-of-the-art scientific evidence to hack your way to better sleep and life. Watch his presentation and learn more about how to optimize your sleep!

Biohacking Stress With Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

At the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, we learned how to manage stress with Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, one of the authors of the Biohacker’ Handbook. In this post, we summarized the main adaptogenic herbs and supplements to cope with both short- and long-term stress along with some practical tips and strategies.