Small food markets

Odin (several locations in the city). This is basically a biodynamic, local and seasonal supermarket. Their business is structured as a cooperative. 

Little Plant Pantry
Organic Zero-Waste Grocery Shop

Address: Bosboom Toussaintstraat 45 

Delicious Food
Organic Zero-Waste grocery shop (but Little Plant Pantry is more unique than this) 

Address: Westerstraat 24

Food spots

Alchemist Garden
Address: Overtoom 409
Shop + food

Focus on (wild) plants, sprouting, raw, vegan

The best restaurants (some offering dinner only, others lunch) with high quality food, wild plants (and/or organ meats). They are all capable of cooking without vegetable oils. 

Note: you have to book them all in advance – very popular restaurants. I know the owners of Coullisse, so maybe I can arrange something there.

Choux (wild plants)

Coullisse (wild plants + meat/fish, offers private dining too, lunch on saturdays)

Kaagman en Kortekaas (wild plants + organ meats)

De Juwelier (organ meats, lunch daily)

Toscanini (high-quality Italian food, no vegetable oils, best Italian of Amsterdam, organ meats, optional keto, optional paleo)

Cafe Modern (in Noord – close to the event’s location)

Lunch and dinner
Focus: wild plants, fish, fish roe and duck liver 

For the experience:

This is a secret restaurant – promoted only by word of mouth. It has a Michelin star – so it is not cheap. But for what you get, it is well worth the money. There is no sign outside and you can only enter the restaurant with a QR code. Inside you will be amazed by the setting/interior – looks like an underground club. No photos allowed. 

The menu consists of 12-15 courses. 

Treatment centers

The innersense
This is the only ‘biohacking facility’ in Amsterdam

Address: Van Ostadestraat 234

Offers colon hydrotherapy, coffee enema, red light therapy, acupuncture, hypoxia therapy, breathing work, sauna, functional medicine and much more. 

You can team up with Laura Hof – the daughter of Wim Hof for ice bath workshops in Amsterdam.