• No culture is a high culture without the involvement of artists who push the boundaries of the known.
  • Visionary art purports to transcend the physical world and portrays a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based on such experiences.
  • We involve visionary artists to explore the future of man and its connection to itself, nature, and the cosmos in the context of the past, current, and future.
  • Our artists paint live during the event.
  • The gallery is accessible to all tickets. Some art is only visible in the VIP lounge is only accessible to VIP, Speaker, Influencer, Media, and Organizer ticket holders.

Don William & Nila Raja (PE)

Curandero / Shamanic healer / Medicine Musician / Artist / Visionary Painter

William Llerena Murayari is a Peruvian Curandero of the Cocama lineage. He grew up learning firsthand of the medicinal plants of the jungle through his father and grandfather, who were both Curanderos. From the age of 12, William was helping his father, SantiagoLlerena, who was primarily a Vegetelista, make remedies for people who were sick in his village. He also spent much time learning from his grandfather and first maestro, PedroMurayari, who held Dietas in his house where William would stay and assist. His grandmother, Ana Arimuya, was a Curandera and midwife, working alongside her husband and also specializing in healing for children. When he was older William also studied with other curanderos of the Mestizo and Cocama lineages, his main teacher and inspiration being the late Don Solon Tello.

Now he is a highly respected Curandero with over 30 years of experience working with plants and has had the opportunity to grow communities and bring healing to many people across the globe. He has a unique style, and is a clear channel for the medicine, working with much integrity, humility and compassion. His musical mastery and exquisite visionary paintings are true examples of his profound connection.

His wife Nila, who works alongside him is a true embodiment of the Divine Mother in all her forms and has the understanding, patience, and compassionate heart of an Abuelita. She has been said to embody the energy of Mother Earth in ceremony and is a clear conduit for the wisdom of celestial beings, who are summoned by the intricacies of her heavenly voice. She too has only studied in the Cocama lineage and has around 10 years of experience working in this capacity. Prior to her studies in Peru, her first Maestra was her grandmother Kanchan, who initiated her into her Indian heritage, teaching her the ways of kindness to all beings, the importance of prayer, and selfless service."


Luis Tamani (PE)


Luis Tamani Luis Tamani is a globally recognised visionary artist from the Amazonian rainforest of Peru. “Through my artwork, I wish to transmit the communion existing between human, vegetable, mineral and animal kingdoms. This unicity without which nothing could get developed." Luis is a transmitter of visions, sharing messages of communion between the earth and the human being. Drawing on his own deep relationship with elements, animals, plants, trees and stones, he believes that there is unlimited teaching that nature can offer us, and that every human has the potential to develop a deep relationship with these worlds. These visions began to come to him as he started connecting with the Sacred Medicine of his ancestors and has developed into a multidimensional style with elements of magic and movement dancing and flying across the canvas. Luis’ childhood was spent on the side of the Ucayali in Pucallpa, Peru, rising at dawn with his father to help him build/carve dugout can…




David Flusberg is an American artist, author and entrepreneur based in Bucharest, Romania. His paintings and poetic writings form a canon of cryptic and mystical storytelling- at once autobiographical and mythological, and unbounded by space and time. In a previous stage of life, Flusberg was a management consultant from New York City, who went on to build 1,600 apartments across Romania. He is a certified scuba instructor, and many of his artworks are inspired by the in vitro state of consciousness he experiences while underwater- immersed in psychedelic sights and sounds.



Ritual Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist & Music Producer

Mikko Heikinpoika is a ritual musician, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Finland. Integrating rich vocal expression, live looping, grounded rhythms, and deep, heartfelt bass frequencies. Ritual and ceremony blend together with technology, broadening his expression. 

Supported by strong Nordic and Siberian roots, embracing the Planet and its tribes, he reaches for to create an experience that aims to offer the possibility of a gateway into an altered state of being. Drawing on inspiration from nature, as well as our ever-growing symbiosis with technology, powerful rhythms, soundscapes, and soul shaking dance intertwine to create a trance inducing journey that will not be forgotten. 



Award-winning Electronic Musician & Visual Artist

Arkaei is a hybrid artist in every sense of the word - combining DJ, VJ, production & battle-winning controllerism skills with a fearlessly playful approach to all kinds of technology. According to his definition, there are only 3 genres of music: what you dance to, what you chill to, and what you... just don't. So if you like a wild-pitch, harmonically curated impromptu selection of all flavours combined with trippy live-generated visuals, absolute technological overkill and reckless abandon with a cheerfully approachable smile up front - come say hi & let go!




The art of Ihti Anderson is unique. From one tapestry to the next, intergalactic beings mingle with undersea creatures in organic nets or polygonal webs – all aglow in ultra-violet colours against a black background.

Since 2005, he has been touring the world (with his wife and family), exhibiting his large U.V. tapestries and creating sacred spaces for festivals and tribal gatherings. Through these extensive travels, his art has evolved from psy-trance decorations to highly-detailed hieratic compositions, carefully conceived and painted on stretched canvas.