Microdosing & Breath Journey


The ultimate stack for an inner journey: Microdosing, Ceremonial Cacao, and Guided Breathwork - facilitated with live music and specially engineered soundscapes.

After a decade of studying different modalities to regulate the state of our nervous system and transform our lives, Kasper van der Meulen has developed this innovative, integrated breathing practice with cacao and psilocybin microdosing.

Controlled, rhythmical, state-shifting breathwork will be combined with the expanding qualities of the truffle microdose, and the heart-opening presence of the cacao. You may experience emotional release, see colors, have profound insights…or just enjoy tingly and relaxing physical sensations.

This inner journey will be guided by the powerful yet soothing rhythmic resonance from the live handpan music played by Kasper, enriched with specially engineered ambient soundscapes. After leading hundreds of people through journeys with these modalities during intensive multi-day retreats, he’s now ready to share this work with the Biohacker Summit community.

On this day you will experience

Microdosing with the psilocybin truffle
You will learn how to use a tiny dose of the (completely safe and legal) psychedelic truffle to help enhance your senses and think and feel more freely. Our friends from the microdosing institute - the authority in this field - will be present to answer any questions and provide insights on application and integration.

Ceremonial Cacao
Experienced ceremonial facilitator Anna Heil will explain both the chemical / scientific and energetic properties of ceremonial cacao. After which you will enjoy a powerful blend of cacao, adaptogens, and healing herbs so that you can feel the effects firsthand.

Guided breathwork journey with handpan music
The combination of the microdose and the cacao will bring you in a state of openness and self-awareness that we will take into the breathing session. The session is optimized to collaborate with these modalities to fuel your inner journey.

Minimum effective dose
Each of these modalities can be used in a high “dose” to create overpowering and intense experiences. Often this leads people to have difficulty processing and integrating these experiences into their daily lives. In contrast, during this day each modality will be presented to you in a gentle and controlled way where none of the separate parts are super intense or overpowering. It is actually the combination of a minimal dose of each of these tools that creates a safer, more gentle, and profound experience in a way that allows you to easily integrate and take your insights into your day-to-day life.

Safety and guidance
Working with powerful modalities can be incredibly supportive of personal growth and development - when they are used in the right setting and under proper guidance. In order to create the safest possible environment, we have selected a team of 10 highly experienced professionals to support during this day. You will find a psychologist, multiple trained and trauma-informed breath coaches, and the foremost experts on microdosing in the country.

Upon registration, you will be asked to read a short safety disclaimer that states the specific contraindications that might negatively interact with this day so that you can easily understand whether this day is appropriate for your personal situation. Requirement for participation is to sign a waiver where you acknowledge your personal responsibility and release the organizers of any responsibility. 


Limited seats, this event will sell out.

347 € - All prices include Dutch VAT 21%.



Thursday 12 October – 9:45–16:00

Location: The New Yoga School, Amsterdam (map)

  • 9:45 Arrival
  • 10:00 Opening talk and serving of cacao and microdose
  • 10:30 Start of the experiential “inner journey” breathing session
  • 13:30 Homemade Nourishing Lunch
  • 14:30 Explanations on the science, practice and integration of these modalities
  • 16:00 End


Q: Is all of this legal?
Yes. The psilocybin truffle or “magic truffle” is 100% legal in the Netherlands. It is also known to be non-toxic and non-addictive.

Q: What dose are we taking?
A: We are all dosing at max 1 gram per person of fresh truffles.

Q: Can I take less?
A: Yes, you may choose to take less or to forgo the microdose. Even without the truffle microdose, it will still be a beautiful experience.

Q: What effects does the cacao have on the experience?
A: The cacao amplifies the strength of the microdose slightly and lengthens its duration. It is also a great way to support your body because of its nutritional value.

Q: What type of breathwork can I expect?
A: You will be guided through simple and light rhythmical breathing techniques that do NOT involve intense hyperventilation. The techniques are meant to be calming and supporting to your inner journey, and specifically to not overpower or dysregulate you (like with some more intense modalities).

Q: Will I start tripping or lose control?
A: Though it is technically possible for people to have an anxious or intense reaction, we never see this happen in this particular protocol. Should you have any kind of strong response like anxiety, fear or a heavy emotional release then our team of trained professionals will be there to support you for as long as you need. Even after the event is over. Your safety is our first priority.

Q: Are there any contraindications or health considerations?
A: Yes, once you enter the checkout process you will be prompted to read a document with health and safety information. If any of the contraindications apply to you then you can decide to forego participation or to consult with your physician or therapist about the best course of action.