A Deep dive into ego-hacked art


A Deep Dive into Ego-Hacked Art is a high-quality, hardcover, large format art book, by Biohacker Summit resident artist David Flusberg.

The book weaves a story of expanded consciousness inspired by psychedelic downloads received by the author during his performances and experiences at the various Biohacker Summits.


It explores the author’s personal journey to overcome fear, hack his ego, and follow his heart—into spaces of love, healing, and gratitude; and connection to family, ancestors, plant medicine, nature, and mythological archetypes.

With original paintings, poetry, poetic narrative, and exegetical commentaries (and a Foreword written by Teemu Arina), the author draws upon his deep knowledge of diverse languages, cultures, and religions.

This book of wisdom and art opens up a portal for all of us to dissolve the boundaries of the known and let the Ego… go.

Price: 29€ incl. VAT. Available at Biohacker Center Store.


David Flusberg is showcasing his art at the Biohacker Summit and delivering his poetry in the opening and closing ceremonies. In addition, he will present his work in the following session on Sunday 15 October:

  • 11:50-12:10 - David Flusberg (RO) - A Deep Dive to the Chariot of Expanded Consciousness
  • 12:15-12:40 - David Flusberg signing copies of the book at Biohacker Center Store & Cafe



David Flusberg is an American artist, author and entrepreneur based in Bucharest, Romania. His paintings and poetic writings form a canon of cryptic and mystical storytelling- at once autobiographical and mythological, and unbounded by space and time. In a previous stage of life, Flusberg was a management consultant from New York City, who went on to build 1,600 apartments across Romania. He is a certified scuba instructor, and many of his artworks are inspired by the in vitro state of consciousness he experiences while underwater- immersed in psychedelic sights and sounds.