The legendary must-have pre-conference experience with speakers, influencers, investors, and organizers of the Biohacker Summit. This is not your typical dinner. As the slogan says, "fine dining is so last season":

  • More like an upgraded cooking workshop combining culinary kitchen techniques and biochemistry
  • Prepared by you with the speakers in guidance of Biohacker's Handbook authors and Finnish award-winning wild food chef Sami Tallberg in the premises of Dutch chef Jonathan Karpathios (The Farm Kitchen)
  • 6-course dinner prepared in separate kitchen teams just like in a TV cooking show
  • Ultra seasonal ingredients, local forage and wild game
  • Everything of course, upgraded with the latest biohacking cooking techniques

This is an invite-only VIP event. For VIP, Organizer and Speaker ticket holders only.

Note, that you will be cooking the food yourself together with other participants. So if you come late or in the middle of the event, you will miss some dishes. Participation is mandatory to eat 🙂



Friday 13 Oct: 2pm - 8pm – Upgraded Dinner (hands-on)

  • 14:00 - Doors open
    14:30 - Registration, networking & team building (Biohacker Summit badges & VIP bags distributed)
    15:00 - Introduction to Upgraded Dinner (Biohacker's Handbook)
    15:30 - Upgraded cooking begins! (in guidance of top chef Sami Tallberg)
    17:00 - 6-course dinner is served with short presentations in-between
    20:00 - Wrap up!


De Kookfabriek

De Flinesstraat 4, 1114 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands (map)

Note: About 15-20 minutes by taxi from Kromhouthal, the main venue.