Dance with embodiment and presence, moving with attention and intention.

Ethereal soundscapes, embodied movement & subliminal frequencies – Conscious Dance in its purest essence is a combination of a musical journey with movement & expression, where the ego eventually evaporates. The journey takes one through various genres, tempos, emotions & intensities. Come early to get the instructions on how it works.

Live canopies of sound inspired by indigenous tribes, world music, electronic music, trance, psychedelia, and breaks.

Upgraded ceremonial cacao ceremony sponsored by Medicine Magic. For best ceremonial cacao and other products, see their website here.

Dress code: conscious. 

Event tags is #biohackersummit



Opposite side of Biohacker Summit main venue:
Noordwaards, Gedempt Hamerkanaal 86, 1021 KR Amsterdam, Netherlands (map here)


Sunday 15 October - 20:30-02:00 (note: moved from Saturday!)

20:30 - Oliver Barnett (DJ set)
21:30 - Cacao Ceremony (Sofia Magdalena)
22:30 - Mikko Heikinpoika LIVE (Conscious Dance with various musicians)
24:00 - Ray Arkaei (DJ set)
02:00 - Ending
02:30 - Doors close

Musicians joining Mikko Heikinpoika in a LIVE performance: German Popov (NL), Nila Devi (UK), Sofia Magdalena (FI), Don William Llerena Murayari (PE) and Yogetsu Akasaka (JP).

Live acts: Zen Takai (JP).

Visuals: Ray Arkaei (PL).

Cacao: Medicine Magic.


59€ (incl. Dutch VAT 21%) - No ticket sales at the door (only 10% of tickets left, will sell out)



Ritual Musician, Multi-Instrumentalist & Music Producer
Mikko Heikinpoika is a ritual musician, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Finland. Integrating rich vocal expression, live looping, grounded rhythms, and deep, heartfelt bass frequencies. Ritual and ceremony blend together with technology, broadening his expression.

Supported by strong Nordic and Siberian roots, embracing the Planet and its tribes, he reaches for to create an experience that aims to offer the possibility of a gateway into an altered state of being. Drawing on inspiration from nature, as well as our ever-growing symbiosis with technology, powerful rhythms, soundscapes, and soul shaking dance intertwine to create a trance inducing journey that will not be forgotten.

Ceremonial Musician & Facilitator
Magdalena "Vaskilintu," is a gifted vocalist, ceremonial musician and facilitator. The name "Vaskilintu," meaning "the brass copper bird" in Finnish, perfectly encapsulates her unique artistry.

Driven by a deep reverence for the therapeutic potential of ceremonial music, Vaskilintu finds inspiration in the intricate interplay between music and healing. Her evocative melodies possess a profound ability to traverse the emotional landscapes of the human psyche, transcending cultural boundaries. As a performer, Vaskilintu bridges the gap between ancient mythology and contemporary expression. Her vocal renditions carry echoes of times long past, invoking the primal and archaic roots of human experience.

Magdalena facilitates transformational experiences, that journey through the physical, spiritual and emotional realms of being. She offers retreats, courses, sharing circles and vocal workshops in Finland and internationally.

Award-winning Electronic Musician & Visual Artist
Arkaei is a hybrid artist in every sense of the word - combining DJ, VJ, production & battle-winning controllerism skills with a fearlessly playful approach to all kinds of technology. According to his definition, there are only 3 genres of music: what you dance to, what you chill to, and what you... just don't. So if you like a wild-pitch, harmonically curated impromptu selection of all flavours combined with trippy live-generated visuals, absolute technological overkill and reckless abandon with a cheerfully approachable smile up front - come say hi & let go!

Nature-immersed Artist
Oliver Barnett is an English photographic artist and DJ living in Cape Town, South Africa. Having dedicated much of the decade to walking and observing around his home at the Southern tip of Africa, his artworks and music emerged from Oliver’s consistent inquiry into the evolution of human consciousness and its relationship to the natural world.

The resulting body of work intends to provide tools to connect to a collective perception of the environment and find new ways to display and share a sensory journey amongst hidden features of the landscape.