Since its launch in 2017, Keto-Mojo has revolutionized ketone testing by offering the first affordable and accurate blood glucose and ketone meter, reducing costs by 75%. They provide a lifetime guarantee on meters. Their latest innovation, the second-generation GKI meter, interfaces with the GDPR/HIPAA-compliant MyMojoHealth app. This allows integration with popular health apps and EHR systems, enabling users to download readings, track progress, view trends, and calculate the Glucose Ketone Index. By facilitating vital data sharing directly with health coaches or practitioners, Keto-Mojo is dedicated to enhancing dietary lifestyle changes through advanced technology and user-friendly resources.


KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms

Kääpa offers locally grown, organic, and high-quality mushroom extracts that can help you improve your health and well-being. Their products are sustainable, effective, and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.
These mushroom extracts have been carefully crafted using the highest quality mushrooms available, which are harvested at the perfect time to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness. Kääpa's mission is to reconnect people with the power of fungi and to promote the benefits that come with incorporating these natural extracts into our daily lives.
Furthermore, Kääpa's commitment to sustainability means that the production of these mushroom extracts has a minimal impact on the environment. They use sustainable farming practices and packaging materials, ensuring that their products are environmentally friendly.


Salli Systems / Easydoing Oy

Founded in 1990, Finnish company Salli Systems develops innovative sitting health concepts, producing the world's healthiest furniture solutions. Their offerings include the Salli Saddle Chairs and adjustable tables with elbow and wrist support. Salli combines these products with extensive knowledge to train users, maximizing benefits. Continuously innovating, Salli also offers ergonomic items such as pillows, catamarans, and riding pads.



Discover the next level of supplements with ActiNovo's liposomal technology. Our supplements offer up to 64x higher absorption in your body, thanks to innovative liposomal technology. We specialize in liposomal supplements, offering over 30 different products including vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and unique function products. Our function products are expertly crafted combinations of active ingredients designed to address specific health needs and improve overall wellbeing. Our LipoSone technology encapsulates the active ingredient in liposomes made of phospholipids, effectively protecting it from digestive enzymes and stomach acid. This allows the active ingredient to enter the bloodstream and cells, resulting in up to 64x higher bioavailability.



Neurosonic, a Nordic company, harnesses whole-body vibration therapy to enhance wellness by activating the body’s natural recovery process. They focus on improving performance, reducing stress, and supporting better sleep, helping individuals to rejuvenate and feel revitalized.



Nourish your brain and body with O3Omega® Smoothies: Non-oxidized Microalgae derived Omega 3 DHA & MCT oil supplements in delicious liposomal form. O3Omega® Smoothies are the ultimate brain and energy supplement that is sustainable, highly bioavailable, and free from preservatives.
Algae is the only viable plant-based source of Omega 3 DHA and is more stable and less susceptible to oxidation than fish oil.


The Power In Your Hands

Unlock your true potential with the International Institute of Hand Analysis. We use the dermatoglyphic patterns in your hands to uncover your unique zone of genius. Your hands reflect your brain's development and encode your life and personality. By examining over half a million hands, we have discovered that similar hand types share identical personalities, talents, and stress patterns. Utilize neuroplasticity to overcome challenging patterns and unlock new potential in just 1 to 3 months. Gain insight into your "shadow side" and learn how to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors. Transform your life by accessing your true zone of performance and fulfillment.


VIVOBASE GmbH specializes in innovative devices designed to shield humans, animals, and plants from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Combining German engineering and extensive medical expertise, VIVOBASE develops, researches, and produces effective solutions to counteract electromagnetic fields produced by sources such as UMTS, LTE, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, DECT, Bluetooth, GPS, and other artificial sources, alongside natural phenomena like water veins and cosmic radiation. Their products diverge from traditional esoteric approaches, offering electronic solutions backed by efficacy and quality. As a family-owned business, VIVOBASE prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality, ensuring their products meet high German manufacturing standards to enhance quality of life and well-being. VIVOBASE is committed to ensuring a safe future for everyone.


Zero gravity

ZERO GRAVITY was founded with one principle in mind: to develop and deliver safe and effective anti-aging facial products to consumers across the globe. Zero Gravity is proud to be a prolific leader in the aesthetic devices market.

ZERO GRAVITY is committed to producing effective system of LED light therapy (light emitting diodes) for facial skin rejuvenation in the industry. Backed by medical science but specifically modified to allow for aesthetic-only treatments, the sophisticated science behind infrared light therapy is supported by many leading board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons across the globe.

Perfectio™ is an FDA Class II medical device.



THERA Nordic aids in enhancing gut health to foster a more peaceful life. They develop products with carefully selected ingredients that can be confidently offered to family members, emphasizing the importance of personal wellness. Their commitment extends beyond products to education, empowering individuals on their journeys toward better gut health.



The first fully focused functional medicine laboratory business in Europe - today with global reach. Nordic Laboratories® was born with a mission – to provide both patients and practitioners with comprehensive, reliable laboratory test results.

Within 2 decades, they've blossomed into a globally acclaimed and trusted test distributor, committed to reshaping the very landscape of healthcare.

Pioneering the future of medicine, Nordic Laboratories® stands strong as the solid support system for functional and personalized medicine practitioners worldwide- equipping them with the essential tools to help their patients.

Genetics? Functional testing? Functional supplements? - Nordic Laboratories® presents an all-inclusive platform for practitioners, with a wide variety of services. From empowering genetic insights to insightful practitioner training, patient journal and prescribing system, and functional supplements: everything you need to revolutionize your practice.



Pulsetto is an innovative technology that is recognized worldwide for its ability to stimulate the vagus nerve, which is responsible for the communication between your brain and internal organs. By stimulating the vagus nerve, its activity increases and results in a decrease in heart rate, an increase in HRV (heart rate variability), and the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. This process helps to promote calmness, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve the quality of sleep.


London Nootropics

London Nootropics' adaptogenic coffee blends are created to help you stay balanced and enhance your day without the negative side-effects such as jitters, anxiety, and a crash commonly associated with regular coffee.
Their blends are crafted with the highest-quality medicinal mushroom extracts and other adaptogens, each designed for a specific purpose. For instance, Flow blend is formulated to promote mental clarity and focus, Zen blend is designed to alleviate stress and anxiety, and Mojo blend is ideal for a natural energy boost.

Mojo blend specifically contains Cordyceps mushroom, which is known to improve aerobic capacity, oxygen flow throughout the body, and boost ATP - our energy molecule. You can find more information about their blends and the adaptogens they contain on their website.


Ra Optics

Ra Optics develops advanced blue light protection eyewear, leveraging proprietary pigment technology for maximal blue light shielding and visual comfort. Their ranges include Daylight Lenses that enhance mood, focus, and productivity by mitigating eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue; and Sunset Lenses that bolster sleep quality, energy, and health by promoting natural melatonin production. Craftsmanship combines premium materials such as Italian acetate and German steel into stylish frames, making their products not only functional but also fashionable.



Trailblazers in sustainable recreation and herbal medicine, Karmaceuticals create revolutionary products and curate festival cocktail bars while advocating for balance and self-care. With a BSc in Western Herbal Medicine, our founding director Karma Campbell combines science with a passion for play to provide alcohol-free herbal elixirs that enhance flavour and social experience. Our vision focuses on eradicating social segregation, reinvesting profits into communities, and establishing KarmAcademy for knowledge-sharing and training. Guided by ethics, sustainability, and community engagement, Karmaceuticals is transforming the future of recreation and herbal medicine, redefining how we approach health and hedonism.


Wave guard

Waveguard is the world leading company in EMF protection. Waveguard uses the effect of depolarization to reduce the field strength of electromagnetic fields. This effect occurs when artificial radiation (e.g. mobile radio) comes into contact with certain liquids. It is similar to the way a rainbow is created. The light beam is refracted and the light spectrum becomes visible. When radio beams are broken up, the field strength in the electromagnetic field is reduced.



Functional mushrooms have been known for over 5,000 years and there are more than 7,000 studies. With our start-up "smaints" we develop easy-to-use, effective, holistic and tasty products based on our 4-pillar concept (Focus, Immune, Balance, Night). With our strong brand, extensive know-how and our delicious lifestyle products, we bring functional mushrooms back into everyday life and help people in their personal transformation.



BIOptimizers has been advancing digestive health and overall well-being since 2004, serving 450,000 clients across 90 countries with an impressive customer retention rate of over 80%. Their unwavering commitment ensures that each product is either the first or the best in its class. With a minimal refund rate of 1.5%, their success is evident, underscoring the effectiveness of their supplements which are manufactured in cGMP-certified facilities in the US. Their philosophy is straightforward: If a product isn't twice as good as its competitors, it doesn't make the cut.


Axiom H2

Axiom H2 was designed by a health and fitness enthusiast with a background and education in holistic nutriton, strength/ Conditioning, herbs/ supplements, oxygen/ ozone therapy, and molecular hydrogen. As a user and advocate of hydrogen therapy, it was frustrating that there was no real quality products and very little transparency in testing on the products that did exist.
Axiom H2 was created with 3 main objectives- to introduce Hydrogen Therapy to the world, offer easily integrated methods of using Hydrogen, and to only offer products that have been tested and proven to be safe and above therapeutic H2 levels.
Axiom H2 created the HW600, the first truly tested, board certified doctor endorsed, medical-grade hydrogen generator that exceeds H2 levels deemed necessary for therapeutic treatments as set forth by the IHSA - International Hydrogen Standards Association and that is aesthetically beautiful. It was developed specifically to improve and perfect flaws in previous hydrogen generator designs.
Axiom H2 LLC is confident that our products will not only provide incredible results but give an amazing experience.



CeraThrive is a neurotechnology company focused on improving the gut-brain connection with cutting-edge photobiomodulation devices, educational courses, and personalized coaching. The Cera System is the first solution designed to energize both the gut and brain using advanced red and near-infrared technology. This dual-system includes a Headband with six pulsed light programs and a Body Panel providing comprehensive systemic effects. Elevate gut-brain performance with their effective tools for brain and body enhancement.



OXYHELP INDUSTRY is a renowned manufacturer of premium monoplace and multiplace hard-shell hyperbaric chambers, based in the European Union. Our pressure system is uniquely developed and fully automated with computer-controlled technology, making it the smoothest and most advanced system in the industry. OXYHELP's chambers are a milestone in the industry, being the world's first and safest luxury anti-aging devices. They are equipped with integrated intelligent protocols and a mirrored command system to provide the best user experience.



GlycanAge makes prevention possible by unlocking the human glycome, exposing changes years in advance before disease manifestation in the body. Biological age test that looks specifically at levels of chronic inflammation in the body to determine how well one is ageing at molecular level.


SAMINA Produktions- und Handels GmbH

From a scientific perspective, sleep is the most crucial element for our overall well-being, health, productivity, and success. At SAMINA, our primary goal has always been to assist people in achieving better sleep. Since our establishment in 1989, we have taken pride in creating innovative products and methods to ensure high-quality organic sleep, which ultimately leads to happiness, good health and success.



NOA\|AON is a purpose driven lifestyle brand that provides online and in-person immersive experiences, retreats, workshops, and holistic products that brings the power back to the people. Our mission is to unify the world one person at a time through ancient and modern tools for happiness, health and harmony. Integrating breathwork, meditation, sound healing, modernized ecstatic dance, and technology with education into the ultimate platform for your journey through self-transformation.
NOA means movement.
AON means all or none.
NOA\|AON symbolizes life in duality from which the main purpose is to come back to harmony, peace, and balance.


JeeCee International

JeeCee is a global provider of healthcare solutions that focus on optimizing performance and recovery for health professionals. One of their flagship offerings is B-E-St, short for Bio-Energy Stimulation, which is a comprehensive therapy concept based on the 46-year experience and expertise of JeeCee's team of physiotherapists, osteopaths, and manual therapists. B-E-St uses frequency-specific microcurrents to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, which is essential for all physiological functions. This technology is a breakthrough, as it has been proven to increase ATP levels by 500% (a Nobel Prize-winning discovery).


Buchinger Wilhelmi

Buchinger Wilhelmi AMPLIUS, with a legacy of over a century, offers a unique blend of therapeutic fasting and integrative medicine rooted in the vision of its founder, Dr. Otto Buchinger. The clinics emerged from his belief in a holistic approach where a content soul and connection to nature are critical to physical health. Today, they uphold his method, enhancing the holistic experience to ensure every individual's journey through their fasting program is transformative, fostering not just physical well-being but mental and spiritual rejuvenation as well.



CELLER8 introduces a groundbreaking PEMF device, designed to seamlessly integrate into daily life while delivering powerful results. After six years of development, it stands out as the first device to meet every essential criterion: it's user-friendly, lightweight, and portable. Experience unmatched convenience and effectiveness with CELLER8’s innovative solution.


Daylight Computer Company

Daylight Computer Company crafts computers that prioritize health, offering technology that performs exceptionally while supporting user well-being. Their innovative live paper screen technology features no blue light or flicker, mitigates eye strain, and ensures clarity even in direct sunlight. They are committed to delivering robust, sovereign technology alternatives that enhance user experience.



FirmTech develops innovative wearables that enhance sexual health and overall wellness. By monitoring vital signs crucial to both cardiovascular condition and the effects of medications, these devices aim not only to elevate pleasure but also to diminish anxiety and bolster confidence. Empowering users with valuable health insights, FirmTech's products bridge the gap between well-being and technology.


Intelligent Labs

Intelligent Labs crafts premium nutritional supplements designed to enhance well-being and support varying dietary and lifestyle needs. Emphasizing empowerment and health, their products are ideal for fitness enthusiasts, wellness seekers, and anyone aiming to boost their vitality. Each supplement is developed with meticulous attention to quality, ensuring users can optimize their health and lifestyle choices effectively.



MTG, also known as "papimi Headquarters Vienna," stands at the forefront of global medical research under the Papimi brand. The organization not only supports medical professionals and elite athletes in achieving their peak potential but also cultivates a strong community through seamless networking and information exchanges across its international user base.



SelfDecode empowers individuals to optimize health and longevity through its cutting-edge DNA testing and analysis. Users receive personalized diet, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to their unique genetic makeup, current health conditions, and lifestyle choices. Leveraging advanced AI, SelfDecode continuously updates these recommendations as new lab tests become available, health goals evolve, or scientific research advances. This dynamic approach ensures each user can effectively address the root causes of health issues and enhance their overall wellness and performance.



Shroomwell crafts premium mushroom-based products that support immune health, enhance mental clarity and increase energy. They harness the transformative power of mushrooms with advanced science and ethical farming to tackle significant environmental challenges like CO2 sequestration. Their range includes dietary supplements and wellness elixirs, blending traditional herbal wisdom with modern health demands. Shroomwell's commitment ensures customers enjoy vibrant lives while promoting environmental sustainability.


Vital Brain Health

Vital Brain Health offers cutting-edge 3D Brain Maps and Neuromodulation tools, leveraging evidence-based methods to achieve measurable breakthroughs in focus, mood, and self-regulation. Their innovative approach supports individuals seeking to enhance cognitive functions and mental well-being.


Vire Health

Vire Health, a Finnish company, introduces Vire Clip, a cutting-edge health wearable that synchronizes daily activities with an individual's natural circadian rhythm and optimal performance times. This device offers deep insights into hormonal flows and maximizes potential by tracking body temperature, respiration, movement, and sleep. Vire Clip empowers users to explore and understand their body's unique patterns and peak moments, enhancing overall well-being.



Willbe specializes in biohacking and health coaching tailored for women, focusing on hormonal health and longevity. They equip women with insights into their unique biology, empowering them to shape their health destinies. Utilizing clinical genomics and advanced hormonal diagnostics, alongside personalized coaching, Willbe transforms health care from reactive to preventive. Their mission is to facilitate a proactive wellness journey, grounded in functional medicine and robust data analysis, for women determined to challenge the conventional and enhance their quality of life.



Zest revolutionizes healthcare delivery by simplifying access to longevity science, effectively bridging the gap between healthspan and lifespan. The company was founded by a team of doctors and longevity scientists committed to a transparent, no-nonsense approach, promoting only clinically backed interventions. The core product, an innovative app, leverages AI for remote monitoring and personalized longevity protocols. It integrates home blood testing and supplements, offering a comprehensive solution for longevity management. The software boasts the market's most accurate biological age measurement, uniquely assessing cognitive and physical functions, as well as digital and blood biomarkers through an advanced AI algorithm.



At Bloodo, we are more than just a health company; we are dedicated to being your partners in wellness. Our mission is to empower your health journey, and we use cutting-edge technology to provide a diverse range of blood test kits that include the renowned NAD Level Test. Our goal at Bloodo is to make advanced blood testing convenient and accessible right at your doorstep. Our tests are meticulously crafted to not only reveal vital health metrics but also to deepen your understanding of your overall well-being at a cellular level.
We put your health first, and we are here to offer you the insights and resources you need for a hands-on, knowledgeable journey in taking care of your health.

Join us as we transform the future of personal healthcare because we understand that your health is your greatest asset.



Audicin offers innovative audio treatments that provide the proven benefits of mindfulness without any distractions or the need for training. To use Audicin, simply put on your headphones and carry on with your day.
Our method, which is universal and patent-pending (PCT/FI2023/050615), has been developed by music and brain specialists and supercharged by sound engineering. Our users have tested Audicin for over two years, and the results have been remarkable.

With Audicin, a dysregulated nervous system can be set on the road to recovery in just a few minutes. The Audicin app includes carefully curated musical journeys that promote 24/7 nervous system balance for work, focus, creativity, mood boost, commute, relaxation, and sleep. Audicin incorporates optimized frequencies and 360-audio that activate brain waves.
By seamlessly integrating wellness into our daily routines, Audicin's solution effectively combats burnout, insomnia, mind-wandering, productivity paralysis, and the many symptoms that arise from the everyday overstimulation of the nervous system.


NoordCode represents quality and transparency. We meticulously source all our ingredients and only accept the best from nature along with the latest scientific developments. Our products are scientifically tested, organic, grass-fed, locally sourced, and made in Europe. They are free from contamination, mold, oxidation, fillers, growth hormones, antibiotics, and toxins.

Happy Aging

Happy Aging Clinic is Estonia's first longevity and anti-aging clinic, offering cutting-edge longevity health checks, consultations, and diagnostics such as laboratory analysis, microbiome testing, and gene testing. We also provide advanced interventions like infusion therapies to improve your well-being. Our personalized approach, supported by science and technology, ensures that you receive tailored solutions for optimal vitality. Visit us to start your journey to a longer, healthier life. Additionally, Biogena produces high-quality dietary supplements without unnecessary additives and is committed to creating, expanding, and sharing knowledge with the support of over 9,000 partner doctors and therapists, leading researchers, and raw material manufacturers.

Kolme Cosmetics

We aim to simplify skincare by using natural, unaltered raw materials such as cold-pressed oils, fats, and waxes. Our products are scented with 100% genuine essential oils and colored with herbs, clays, and seeds. They are also preservative-free, and water-free, and do not contain silicones, strong sulfates, hormone disruptors, synthetic fragrances or dyes, PEG compounds, fillers, or unnecessary substances like emulsifiers for skincare.


Celloxy delivers hypoxic air gas, which affects the human body in various ways and can have an impact on health. Therefore, the classification of the technology as medical is non-negotiable. Any IHHT therapy should be performed with a device carrying a medical CE. It is our commitment to always comply with all regulatory, quality, and legal requirements in EU environments. The hypoxic gas generator is enclosed in a separate module, making the system's service extremely simple. Furthermore, the module has sound insulation that absorbs a significant portion of the sound frequencies generated by the compressor.

longevity labs

Longevity Labs+, founded in Austria, tackles the increasing gap between life expectancy and healthy lifespan. Collaborating with top global longevity researchers, their team developed the world's first spermidine supplement, spermidineLIFE®. Inspired by nature, their products enhance the body's natural processes. With hubs in Graz, Vienna, and the USA, and a partnership with the University of Graz, Longevity Labs+ excels in research, development, and in-house production.

No Translation Layer

The company develops software tools that help users track important aspects of their lives and gain actionable insights. The flagship product, "Reflect - Track Anything," is a versatile mobile app that offers customizable tracking, experiment capabilities, seamless wearables integration, and data visualization features. Reflect is ideal for individuals dedicated to self-improvement and self-discovery, allowing them to identify relationships between tracked metrics. The experiment feature takes the guesswork out of lifestyle changes by measuring outcomes and providing detailed reports, making it easier to test the effects of new supplements, diets, or habits.


Claim your right to live 120 years! Sooo.me™️ develops pharma-grade longevity nutraceuticals designed to enhance the quality of life, helping you to unleash your full potential and live strong. Our products boast scientifically proven quality, with mushroom extracts up to 18 times more potent than powders and NAD+ boosters reaching an unmatched purity of 99.89%. Unlock the secret to a longer, vibrant life and join the 120tribe. Stay sharp, focused, and energetic with Sooo.me™️.


Lumaflex, recognized by Time Magazine as the best invention of 2023, offers cutting-edge red light therapy devices to boost physical performance and speed up recovery. Their portable, flexible, durable, and waterproof therapy panels make advanced red and near-infrared therapy accessible anytime, anywhere. Lumaflex focuses on delivering effective pain management solutions for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active retirees, promoting overall health and wellness through state-of-the-art technology.


Synergised transforms healthcare by uncovering and addressing the root causes of symptoms rather than just suppressing them. Their comprehensive services include personalized home testing, health coaching, and science-backed supplements, offering a holistic approach to health optimization and relief. Whether addressing specific health issues or enhancing overall wellness, Synergised provides integrated solutions tailored to each individual’s needs.