Want to be guided through a perfect day from the morning when you wake up to the moment when you go to sleep in the guidance of leading health and performance optimization specialists?

This is your opportunity to learn from the best – In this fully immersive and exclusive natural retreat location about 25 minutes from Helsinki center you will be guided by the Biohacker's Handbook co-authors Teemu Arina (FI), Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (FI) and Jaakko Halmetoja (FI), breathwork specialist Leigh Ewin (FI), zen buddhist monk Yogetsu Akasaka (JP), 16th generation last samurai Sensei Zen Takai (JP) and MMA fighter Tateki Matsuda (JP).



You will learn the following:

  • How to start your day (body & mind)
  • How to set your goals for the day
  • Most-effective breathing techniques for the day
  • How to structure your day for success
  • What to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to optimize performance, focus, and attention
  • What supplements to use in different situations (stress management, energy, focus, sleep optimization)
  • Benefits of fasting, intermittent fasting and various diets (including the ketogenic diet)
  • Biohacking technologies and their benefits: red-light therapy, NIR, neurofeedback, binaural beats, hypoxia training, exercise protocols & equipment, air purifiers, water filters, EMF protection etc.
  • Tracking technologies and their benefits: sleep trackers, activity trackers, air quality trackers, productivity trackers, health biomarkers etc.
  • How to prepare and use herbal products, superfoods & medicinal mushrooms (chaga, cordyceps, lion's mane, reishi etc.)
  • Benefits of cold thermogenesis & heat alteration

.... and much more!

You will have access to:

  • latest biohacking technologies
  • optimized nutrition products
  • beautiful retreat location
  • optimized catering
  • guided sauna session
  • ice bath
  • amazing company of attendees
  • lectures from the top experts


Address: Villa Ruusuniemi, Merenkulkijankuja 3, 00980 Helsinki (map)

About 25 minutes away from Helsinki Central Station by taxi. We recommend taking a hotel from Helsinki center close to conference venue, instead of trying to find a hotel close to the venue. We will organize a joint taxi transportation back from the retreat to Helsinki city center.

The stylish seaside conference and event venue was constructed in the 1970s by architect Keijo Petäjä. The wooden villa has a lively and rich history in hosting meetings for political leaders, business executives and presidents of various countries. There are no other guests in the location during our retreat.

The beautiful premises offer a direct access to the baltic sea, surrounded by forests and pristine nature. The location has everything you may need, from high-quality catering and a classy pool and sauna area.



Saturday 29 June 2024 from 09:00 to 22:00. (Before the main conference).

It is recommended to eat breakfast before arrival unless you are intermittent fasting.

  • 08:30 NETWORKING / morning electrolyte water, upgraded coffee & tea (Jaakko Halmetoja)
  • 09:15 WELCOME WORDS (Teemu Arina)
  • 09:30 MORNING ZEN PRACTICE / Guided by Yogetsu Akasaka & Sensei Zen Takai
  • 10:30 DAILY ROUTINES / Principles of an optimized day (Teemu Arina)
  • 12:00 CORRECTIVE EXERCISES / Guided by Tateki Matsuda
  • 12:30 LUNCH
  • 13:30 HANDS-ON / Overview of best biohacking technologies, tracking technologies, lab tests & supplements (Teemu Arina & Dr. Olli Sovijärvi) Q&A
  • 14:30 DAILY BEVERAGES / Upgraded nutrition & beverage workshop (Jaakko Halmetoja)
  • 16:00 ZEN MOVEMENT PRACTICE / Guided by Sensei Zen Takai
  • 17:00 BENEFITS OF HEAT ALTERATION / Guided by Dr. Olli Sovijärvi
  • 17:30 BREATHWORK /Guided by Leigh Ewin
  • 18:30 COLD PLUNGE & SAUNA / Guided heat alteration session & spa (Leigh Ewin & Tommi Ullgrén)
  • 20:30 DINNER / Optimized 3-course fine-dining dinner (ketogenic, vegan, omnivore options) / Sleep & recovery optimization / Gratitude for becoming a new version of yourself
  • 22:00 CLOSING

We recommend loose, comfortable wear for the whole day, no need to be stiff in the body or the mind.

For cold plunges in the Baltic sea, we recommend a swimsuit.

The spa includes a swimming pool and a traditional Finnish sauna.

Towels are available at the location, so you don't have to bring your own. Slippers are recommended.


We accept all common credit cards and Paypal. If you want to pay by invoice, please contact our customer support in the right corner (EU customers only - Note that VAT reverse charge is not possible for event tickets per Finnish law).

Refund policy: full refund before 30 days of of the event but not later. Tickets are transferable to another person or can be exchanged free of charge to one of our future events when requested at least 7 days before the event takes place. We hold the right to changes to the event schedule.