Iconic part of the Biohacker Summit is the Sanctuary – A healing space designed for 1 hour workshops involving hands-on somatic, sensory, and auditory experiences guided by various masters from around the world. For two days you will be able to enjoy immersive guided sessions.

Access to the space requires a Premium, VIP, Organizer, Spaceship or Speaker ticket.


Don William & Nila Raja

Don William & Nila Raja (Peru)

Curandero, shamanic healer, Medicine Musician, Artist, Visionary Painter William Llerena Murayari, a Peruvian Curandero of the Cocama lineage, learned about medicinal plants from his father and grandfather, both Curanderos. Starting at age 12, he assisted his father, Santiago, a Vegetelista, in making remedies. His grandfather, Pedro Murayari, was his first maestro. His grandmother, Ana Arimuya, was a Curandera and midwife. William studied with other curanderos, including his main teacher, the late Don Solon Tello. With over 30 years of experience, William is a respected Curandero known for his integrity, compassion, and unique style. His wife Nila, embodying the Divine Mother, has 10 years of experience, drawing from her Cocama lineage and Indian heritage.
Jani Toivonen

Jani Toivonen (Finland)

Spiritual Counselor, Coach & Visionary Jani Toivonen is a transformative coach who empowers individuals through the art of holistic exercises and sound vibrations. He specializes in unlocking potential and nurturing creativity, guiding participants to profound relaxation and a deeper connection with nature’s rhythms. Jani’s approach helps people explore and expand their inner power and love, creating a serene yet energizing experience.
Kasper van der Meulen

Kasper van der Meulen (Netherlands)

Breathwork specialist, Science Teacher & Musician Kasper, the Netherlands’ leading Breathwork facilitator, is a recognized authority in Biohacking. He believes conscious breathing is the most potent method to elevate our state of being. Kasper’s mission bridges ancient spiritual practices with modern scientific insights and practical daily applications. His teachings have impacted many, including elite performers like top CEOs, special operations personnel, and Olympic athletes. In his “Breathwork Masterclass,” he empowers wellness professionals to use breath as a coaching tool. Kasper’s unique approach includes live handpan music during group sessions, creating deeply immersive and transformative experiences.
Leigh Ewin

Leigh Ewin (Australia)

Author @ Respiritual Awakening, Breathwork Facilitator, Founder @ Ecstatic Breathwork Leigh Ewin is a global coach in conscious breathwork, specializing in group sessions to aid anxiety, pain, stress relief, and athletic performance enhancement. Trained by top breathwork experts, Leigh brings a unique perspective from his experience living in both sunny Australia and chilly Finland, embodying adaptation and resilience. His work focuses on harnessing the flow of energy that breathwork cultivates, benefiting individuals both physically and mentally.
Mikko Heikinpoika

Mikko Heikinpoika (Finland)

Ritual Musician, Ecstatic Dance DJ, Music Producer, Actor Mikko Heikinpoika is a ritual musician, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer from Finland. Fusing rich vocal expression, live looping, grounded rhythms, and deep bass frequencies, he blends ritual and ceremony with technology. Drawing from his Nordic and Siberian roots, Mikko creates immersive experiences that offer gateways into altered states of being. With powerful rhythms and trance-inducing soundscapes, he crafts unforgettable journeys. Additionally, Mikko is a leading ecstatic dance DJ and a key figure in Finland’s largest ecstatic dance community, Ecstatic Dance Helsinki.
Pavel Stuchlik

Pavel Stuchlik (United States)

Founder @ NOA|AON, International DJ/Producer Pavel Stuchlik is an internationally recognized DJ/producer, serial entrepreneur, and Wim Hof instructor, with a unique repertoire that spans across music, business, and wellness. His expertise in transformation and self-realization is grounded in over 15 years of global travel and rigorous spiritual practices. Pavel stands out for his immersive workshops, retreats, and lectures that combine ancient wisdom with modern science. Notably, he spent 40 days in complete darkness in Thailand, a profound experience that inspired his #noamovement, dedicated to fostering unity, love, and joy.
Sahar Farmanfarmaian

Sahar Farmanfarmaian (Switzerland)

Altar Activation Sahar Farmanfarmaian is renowned for her transformative project “Life is an Altar,” where she elevates spaces into sacred experiences. With over a decade of experience, Sahar crafts altars that encapsulate the sacred and mysterious essence of her life and intrinsic gifts. Her unique approach involves honoring all directions, representing elemental forces, and cleansing spaces using methods taught by the wise Abuelas she met on her spiritual and medicinal journey. Her work not only shares her deep love for beauty but also her joy in creating inspiring, intentional environments.
Sasha Crespi

Sasha Crespi (Italy)

Magician, Mentalist, Philosopher, Ritual Artist Sasha Crespi is a Persian-Italian magician, mentalist, and ritual artist who has captivated audiences worldwide for over fifteen years with his unique blend of magic, mentalism, philosophy, and poetic rituals. His performances, which have even included a show for the Queen of England, challenge assumptions and transform ordinary moments into magical experiences. In his work, Crespi aims to provoke thought by questioning answers and encouraging philosophical exploration through his art.
Sensei Zen Takai

Sensei Zen Takai (Japan)

Samurai Sensei Zen Takai hails from a prestigious lineage of sixteen generations of Samurai and Ninjas. Born in Japan, he mastered the ancient arts of physical manipulation under the tutelage of his father, a seasoned swordsman. Zen has been instrumental in promoting Bushido and Zen philosophy worldwide, bringing honor to his heritage. At the renowned Ninja Samurai Dojo in Asakusa, Tokyo, he imparted his unique mindfulness method to over 2000 students until 2020. Named ‘Zen’ by his father, he continues a family tradition that elevates the spirit and discipline of his ancestors.
Tateki Matsuda

Tateki Matsuda (Japan)

Mixed Martial Artist, Founder @ BHC Japan, Former UFC, Certified FMS1, Certified SFG1 | B.S. in Sports Movement Science, M.S. in Applied Nutrition Tateki is the Founder of Biohacker Center Japan, a Mixed Martial Artist, former UFC fighter, and celebrity health consultant with a B.S. in Sports Movement Science and an M.S. in Applied Nutrition. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, his remarkable journey equips him with a unique skill set for challenging environments. With extensive professional and athletic experience, Tateki is a master in sports and martial arts. He also serves as a health consultant with a multilingual and multicultural perspective, calling Boston his second home. At the Biohacker Summit, Tateki will guide a mobility and corrective movement session, leveraging his profound knowledge of martial arts and movement science.
Tim Böttner

Tim Böttner (Germany)

Holistic Health & Movement Coach, Sports Scientist, Mechanical Engineer, Podcaster, Founder @Think Flow Grow Tim Böttner is a renowned holistic health and movement coach, blending sports science and engineering with ancient practices to create a powerful approach to well-being. He’s an expert in physical training, therapy, energy work, and holistic health, holding multiple certifications in these fields. His innovative “Unlock Your Body” concept helps individuals enhance mobility, increase strength, alleviate pain, and harmonize mind, body, and soul through tailored movement routines. Tim’s approach integrates modern science with time-tested wisdom, empowering people to reconnect with their bodies and achieve overall wellness.
Magdalena Mölsä

Vaskilintu (Finland)

Ritual Musician, Ceremonialist Magdalena Mölsä, known artistically as Vaskilintu, combines her Somali and Finnish Karelian heritage into a unique musical project. Inspired by the spiritual Finnish folklore where every element has a spirit (‘väki’), her music merges modern electronic sounds with traditional instruments. At the heart of her performances, Magdalena’s voice creates hypnotic layers and loops, captivating the audience in a raw and primal experience. Each show is not just a performance, but a profound journey, remembered long after it ends.
Yogetsu Akasaka

Yogetsu Akasaka (Japan)

Zen Buddhist Priest, Beatboxer, Medicine Music Artist Yogetsu Akasaka is a Japanese Zen Buddhist priest and musician, captivating audiences with his live-looping music that blends beatboxing, handpan, and Buddhist chanting. His unique approach transports listeners on a profound inner journey. Akasaka has performed at notable venues, including NASA’s South by Southwest conference, various music festivals, and wellness events.