Don William & Nila Raja

Don William & Nila Raja (Peru)

Curandero, shamanic healer, Medicine Musician, Artist, Visionary Painter William Llerena Murayari, a Peruvian Curandero of the Cocama lineage, learned about medicinal plants from his father and grandfather, both Curanderos. Starting at age 12, he assisted his father, Santiago, a Vegetelista, in making remedies. His grandfather, Pedro Murayari, was his first maestro. His grandmother, Ana Arimuya, was a Curandera and midwife. William studied with other curanderos, including his main teacher, the late Don Solon Tello. With over 30 years of experience, William is a respected Curandero known for his integrity, compassion, and unique style. His wife Nila, embodying the Divine Mother, has 10 years of experience, drawing from her Cocama lineage and Indian heritage.
Dr. Del Potter

Dr. Del Potter (United States)

PhD, Psychiatric Anthropology & Founder @ Spiritus Bioscience Del Potter is a groundbreaking researcher in medical anthropology and pharmacology, with a career spanning over four decades. In 1980, he earned a PhD from a joint UCSF Medical School and UC Berkeley program, focusing on psychiatric anthropology, ethno-psychopharmacology, and neuropharmacology. He later conducted post-doctoral research on the psychohistory of shamanic practitioners and indigenous psychotherapeutic practices. Dr. Potter has explored the traditional use of psychotropic plants like psilocybin mushrooms and Ayahuasca among indigenous groups in Central and South America. His work, influenced by ethnobotanist Richard Evans Schultes and chemist Dr. Alexander Shulgin, contributed to the global understanding of psychotropic botanicals. In 2023, he co-founded Spiritus Bioscience to revolutionize psychedelic therapeutics. Spiritus introduced an innovative sublingual psilocin spray, now in clinical trials in Australia, offering a safer, quicker, and nausea-free psychedelic experience. Dr. Potter continues to pioneer in the field, developing sublingual and intradermal delivery methods for bioactive peptides with Prism Sciences and Bioreset Medical. His work enhances treatment accessibility and effectiveness, providing safer, cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods.
Dr. Olli Sovijärvi

Dr. Olli Sovijärvi (Finland)

Licensed Physician & Author / Co-Founder @ Biohacker Center Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine in Finland. He has worked at nearly 50 different clinics and ERs around Finland. At present, he focuses primarily on the production of scientific content for preventive health care and wellbeing. He is a co-author of the Biohacker’s handbook and co-founder of Biohacker Center. He also runs training sessions and presentations on the topics of biohacking, performance optimization, nutritional issues, and maintaining the intestinal balance. In his free time, he is an exercise enthusiast and an electronic music DJ.
Jaakko Halmetoja

Jaakko Halmetoja (Finland)

Nutrition Expert, Co-Author @ Biohacker’s Handbook, Product Development Manager @ Foodin Jaakko Halmetoja is a nutrition and wellness expert, best-selling author, and accomplished speaker with over 1,000 keynotes. With 15 years of global exploration, he uncovers intriguing food ingredients and health technologies. Halmetoja has formulated more than 100 products now available in stores. His mission is to make health and wellness exciting by showcasing innovative health technologies and abundant opportunities.
Kasper van der Meulen

Kasper van der Meulen (Netherlands)

Breathwork specialist, Science Teacher & Musician Kasper, the Netherlands’ leading Breathwork facilitator, is a recognized authority in Biohacking. He believes conscious breathing is the most potent method to elevate our state of being. Kasper’s mission bridges ancient spiritual practices with modern scientific insights and practical daily applications. His teachings have impacted many, including elite performers like top CEOs, special operations personnel, and Olympic athletes. In his “Breathwork Masterclass,” he empowers wellness professionals to use breath as a coaching tool. Kasper’s unique approach includes live handpan music during group sessions, creating deeply immersive and transformative experiences.
Leigh Ewin

Leigh Ewin (Australia)

Author @ Respiritual Awakening, Breathwork Facilitator, Founder @ Ecstatic Breathwork Leigh Ewin is a global coach in conscious breathwork, specializing in group sessions to aid anxiety, pain, stress relief, and athletic performance enhancement. Trained by top breathwork experts, Leigh brings a unique perspective from his experience living in both sunny Australia and chilly Finland, embodying adaptation and resilience. His work focuses on harnessing the flow of energy that breathwork cultivates, benefiting individuals both physically and mentally.
Mary Cristine

Mary Cristine (United Kingdom)

Certified Clinical Nutritionist specializing in Gut health Mary Cristine is a dynamic nutrition and wellness expert who has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity and conducted significant cancer prevention research. Her work focuses on reversing aging and transforming health paradigms. With millions of followers and numerous accolades, Mary captivates audiences with her passionate commitment to societal health and well-being. She is set to speak at the Biohack Summit in Finland, promising insights that encourage transformative health journeys. Her upcoming book further explores cutting-edge wellness concepts.
Naveen Jain

Naveen Jain (United States)

Philantrophist & Founder and CEO @ Viome Naveen Jain is a visionary entrepreneur at the vanguard of health technology and human longevity. As the Founder and CEO of Viome, he is revolutionizing personalized healthcare through an AI-driven platform that decodes the interaction between food, our microbiome, and human cells, pioneering preventative wellness and early diagnostics. His work challenges conventional boundaries and propels humanity toward a future of limitless possibilities. Fueled by curiosity, Jain’s audacious approach to innovation continues to push the envelope in the pursuit of a healthier world.
Pavel Stuchlik

Pavel Stuchlik (United States)

Founder @ NOA|AON, International DJ/Producer Pavel Stuchlik is an internationally recognized DJ/producer, serial entrepreneur, and Wim Hof instructor, with a unique repertoire that spans across music, business, and wellness. His expertise in transformation and self-realization is grounded in over 15 years of global travel and rigorous spiritual practices. Pavel stands out for his immersive workshops, retreats, and lectures that combine ancient wisdom with modern science. Notably, he spent 40 days in complete darkness in Thailand, a profound experience that inspired his #noamovement, dedicated to fostering unity, love, and joy.
Peep Vain & Muutus

Peep Vain & Muutus (Estonia)

Transformational Guides, Inner Wisdom Journey & Guided Introspection Facilitators, Founders @ Muutus Muutus (Estonian for “change”) is a vehicle for inner wisdom journeys, offering live events and recordings inspired by psychedelic experiences. Utilizing improvised music, hypnotic frequencies, and structured questions, participants explore higher realms and resolve mental-emotional challenges. Led by Estonian teacher Peep Vain, with masterful musicians Raun Juurikas and Ahto Abner, Muutus amplifies perception and awareness. The collective has released two albums, EVA and Plenty Enough, available on streaming platforms and YouTube.
Sensei Zen Takai

Sensei Zen Takai (Japan)

Samurai Sensei Zen Takai hails from a prestigious lineage of sixteen generations of Samurai and Ninjas. Born in Japan, he mastered the ancient arts of physical manipulation under the tutelage of his father, a seasoned swordsman. Zen has been instrumental in promoting Bushido and Zen philosophy worldwide, bringing honor to his heritage. At the renowned Ninja Samurai Dojo in Asakusa, Tokyo, he imparted his unique mindfulness method to over 2000 students until 2020. Named ‘Zen’ by his father, he continues a family tradition that elevates the spirit and discipline of his ancestors.
Shawn Wells

Shawn Wells (United States)

The World’s Greatest Formulator, Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fellow @ International Society of Sports Nutrition, Founder @ Zone Halo (MPH, LDN, RD, CISSN, FISSN) Shawn Wells is a renowned nutritional biochemistry expert, celebrated as “The World’s Greatest Formulator” in the supplement industry. With a track record of formulating over 1100 products and holding more than 40 patented ingredients including enfinity® (Paraxanthine), TeaCrine, and Dynamine, Shawn’s innovations are globally recognized. His academic pursuits led him from Babson College and UNC Greensboro to a Master’s in Nutritional Biochemistry from UNC Chapel Hill. Shawn also served as the Chief Science Officer at Biotrust Nutrition, managing an operation with an annual revenue of $125MM. His business acumen is evident from his role in significant transactions, including the acquisition of Dymatize by Post Holdings, and his stakes in eight businesses. Shawn has faced personal health battles against conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, yet he remains a leading voice on international stages and has featured in prominent documentaries and podcasts. He continuously shares his expertise on TV and radio, enriching the industry with his knowledge on health optimization, biohacking, and anti-aging. Visit for more insights from Shawn or follow him on Instagram @ShawnWells.
Siim Land

Siim Land (Estonia)

Author of Metabolic Autophagy & Longevity Leap & Stronger by Stress, Youtuber Siim Land is an eight-time best-selling author and anthropologist with a deep passion for longevity studies. His research and writing focus on ways to enhance human health and lifespan through scientific and anthropological insights. Siim’s work not only deciphers the complexities of aging but also provides practical strategies for extending quality of life.
Teemu Arina

Teemu Arina (Finland)

Curator, Professional Biohacker, Author, Co-Founder @ Biohacker Center Teemu Arina has a professional career of two decades as a technology entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker. Mr. Arina is one of the forefront figures of the biohacking movement. He is the co-author of the bestselling Biohacker’s Handbook series, curator of Biohacker Summit, and co-founder of the Biohacker Center. Mr. Arina has received the Leonardo Award (under the patronage of the European Parliament and UNESCO 2015), was selected as Top 100 most influential people in IT (2016 TIVI), and was awarded the Speaker of the Year (Speakersforum 2017), and Leadership Trainer of the Year (Turku School of Economics 2018). In the year 2022, he was invited to join Evolutionary Leaders, an initiative by the Chopra Foundation and The Source Synergy Foundation that focuses on the future of conscious leadership.


Adam Parker

Adam Parker (United Kingdom)

Detoxification Expert, Founder of The Detox Blueprint & Host @ The Ideal Day Podcast Adam Parker is a renowned Detoxification Expert and the founder of The Detox Blueprint. He also hosts the popular Ideal Day Podcast. Adam embarked on a personal health quest that uncovered the profound link between detoxification and mental, emotional, and physical health. After struggling with undiagnosed health issues for five years, he now dedicates himself to teaching others how to address the root causes of their health problems through effective detox strategies. Adam’s commitment extends beyond personal health, aiming to transform cultural health norms and enable individuals to reclaim their body’s natural vitality.
Amánda Argot Efthimiou

Amánda Argot Efthimiou (Portugal)

Altered-States, Integration, Neuroscience, Founder @ Integra Amánda Argot Efthimiou is a renowned coach and founder of Integra, specializing in the integration of traditional knowledge and scientific insights to foster personal and societal transformation. With an MSc in Neuroscience, her expertise lies in the effects of plant-based medicines on well-being. She has previously directed a nonprofit focused on preserving biocultural diversity and indigenous lands in the Amazon. At Integra, Amánda advises health and wellness companies, designing programs that help professionals tap into their innate intelligence and drive transformative change.
Antti Kirjalainen

Antti Kirjalainen (Finland)

Dual Movement Trainer, Founder @ Antti Kirjalainen is a dual movement trainer and transpersonal fitness coach. Founder of Sammal Tech, he blends his expertise in architecture, hosting, siddha kundalini, and holotropic therapy into innovative wellness tech design. Based in Helsinki, Antti also runs a unique bed and breakfast featuring traditional tatami rooms and a sauna.
Ari Tulla

Ari Tulla (Finland)

Co-founder and CEO @ Elo Health Ari Tulla is a pioneering entrepreneur who founded Elo Health, Quest Analytics, and BetterDoctor, directly impacting over a hundred million lives by improving healthcare access and management. At Elo Health, he leads as CEO, revolutionizing smart nutrition. He also spearheaded Quest Analytics, becoming the market leader in doctor data and network management. Additionally, he co-founded BetterDoctor, an innovative doctor search engine, focusing his career on resolving health challenges following personal experiences in his family.
Attila Mosó

Attila Mosó (Hungary)

BSc Human Kinesiology, MSc Nutritional Science, Nutrigenomics Expert Attila Mosó is an economist turned health advocate who discovered the profound impact of nutrition, lifestyle, and nature on our well-being. Believing that modern living poses challenges to our health, he champions the balance needed to stay energetic and resilient. Mosó promotes Ion-Induction Therapy (IIT) as a powerful method to boost energy levels and metabolism, helping individuals achieve their optimal selves.
Brent Bruning

Brent Bruning (Switzerland)

Master Hand Analyst Brent Bruning is a master hand analyst who has studied over 20,000 life patterns, including those of high-profile individuals like the Theological Advisor to the Pope, CERN’s Fabiola Gianotti, and Tony Robbins. With expertise from the International Institute of Hand Analysis in Switzerland, Brent demonstrates how your hands hold a biological record of your brain’s developmental stages and emotional stress patterns. Join him at the Biohacking Summit to explore how understanding your nervous system through hand analysis can unlock your true potential.
Chris Moore

Chris Moore (Denmark)

Co-founder & CEO of the Nordic Group Chris Moore is a health entrepreneur. His purpose in life and business is to change healthcare and empower populations to take responsibilty for their own health. He has dedicated his career to growing the field of functional medicine. He has experience in laboratory analysis, nutritional supplements and medical clinic management. Nordic Group is composed of several subsidiaries across Europe including: Nordic Laboratories, 5 Nordic Clinics, DNAlife, Nordic Health.
Claudia Armstead

Claudia Armstead (Romania)

Chief Operating Officer @ Intelligent Labs Claudia Armstead is a dynamic leader with over 15 years of experience in training, business project management, and various leadership roles across multiple industries. Currently at Intelligent Labs, she leverages her profound connection with nature, honed in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, to innovate in the health and wellness sector. Claudia’s global experiences enrich her approach, driving her to create solutions that impact lives worldwide. She views every challenge as a chance for growth, consistently integrating creativity and a strong people-focus into her work.
Dr. Alexander Wunsch

Dr. Alexander Wunsch (Germany)

Integrative Physician, Light Therapist, Scholar, Inventor, Author, Lecturer, Consultant Alexander Wunsch is a renowned German physician, light therapist, and author, specializing in the effects of light on human health. His insightful research emphasizes the impact of both artificial and natural light on our biological clocks and physiology. An acclaimed speaker, Dr. Wunsch frequently discusses the medical and therapeutic benefits of light therapy. He also contributes as a scientific consultant and inventor, focusing on innovative health-enhancing technologies and products. His expertise continues to shape understanding and advancements in light-based therapy.
Dr. Alka Patel

Dr. Alka Patel (United Kingdom)

Lifestyle Medicine Physician, TV Doctor, Podcaster, TEDx speaker and Founder @The Longevity Concierge Dr. Alka Patel is a pioneering physician dedicated to extending life and enhancing vitality through her cutting-edge approach at The Longevity Concierge™️. Renowned for reducing her biological age by 30 years, she empowers people to use personalized data and modern devices to live longer, more energetic lives. Her goal is to help one million individuals achieve a million-hour life of Longevity, Impact, Vitality, and Energy—it’s time to L.I.V.E! As the innovative founder of the Health Hacking Code™️, Dr. Patel shifts from mere medication to a focus on explorative wellness solutions.
Dr. Elliot Justin

Dr. Elliot Justin (United States)

MD-FACEP, CEO & Founder @ FirmTech, Inventor of TechRing & Clitique Elliot Justin, MD, founded FirmTech, launching the world-first sextech TechRing at CES and XBIZ in 2023, which won “Most Innovative Sex Toy of the Year.” This innovative product offers men enhanced sexual health and pleasure through data-driven wearables. With a career spanning over four decades, Dr. Justin has significant expertise in Emergency Medicine, Telemedicine, neuromodulation, and the pharmacology of sexual performance. His impactful research includes four published papers and nine in progress, promising to set new standards in healthcare and research.
Dr. Ingrid Lesdorf

Dr. Ingrid Lesdorf (Estonia)

Preventative & Integrated Medicine Doctor INGRID LESDORF is a Preventative and Integrated Medicine doctor at Happy Aging Clinic in Tallinn, Estonia. She specializes in genetics and the microbiome, using genetic testing, epigenetics, microbiota testing, and nutrigenomics to optimize gene expression. Her approach reduces the risk of genetic and lifestyle-related conditions like cardiovascular disease, neurological illnesses, and autoimmune diseases. In her Longevity talk, Dr. Lesdorf explains how to address individual genetic variations through biochemistry, nutrigenomics, and targeted supplementation.
Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. John Lieurance (United States)

Naturopath & Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. John Lieurance is a Chiropractic Neurologist with over 22 years of experience in Sarasota, known for his Functional Cranial Release (FCR) procedure. This technique combines Functional Neurology with Endo-nasal balloon manipulation and has helped many, including UFC CEO Dana White, who praised its effectiveness in improving breathing and reducing snoring. With over 30 years in practice, Dr. Lieurance integrates therapies addressing Identity, Divinity, and Vitality. He has authored books like “Melatonin: Miracle Molecule” and “Magic Bullet,” and regularly lectures on the benefits of high-dose melatonin in anti-aging and disease mitigation.
Dr. Kayte Susse

Dr. Kayte Susse (United States)

Founder @ Biohack Your Beauty & Founder @ Silicone Support Formula Dr Kayte is a functional medicine trained chiropractor, television host and start-up founder in Los Angeles, Ca. Her severe chronic illness journey as a result of breast implant illness inspired her to create holistic adjusts to cosmetic procedures and a flagship product Silicone Support Formula. Her seminar company, Biohack Your Beauty, explores the intersection between allopathic aesthetics, integrative medicine and biohacking to help demystify what is beauty and give new insights to previously segregated industries. Her current work explores the quantum and neurological implications of body modification and their relationship to authenticity.
Dr. Silvana Laith

Dr. Silvana Laith (Spain)

Medical Director @ The Longevity Clinic, Neuropathologist Silvana Laith is a neuropathologist specializing in integrative medicine and regenerative longevity protocols. Her science-based methods have helped thousands cleanse their organs, combat autoimmune diseases, and reset hormones. Dr. Laith firmly believes that all diseases both start and end with gut health, emphasizing prevention over treatment in her practices. As medical director of The Longevity Clinic, she advocates combining conventional and holistic approaches. Dr. Laith also serves as a concierge doctor for high-profile clients, committed to enhancing the quality and longevity of their lives.
Eduard de Wilde

Eduard de Wilde (Netherlands)

Certified Bulletproof Coach, Biohacker & Entrepeneur Eduard is a biohacker who loves to do experiments and “hack” his body’s biology with the goal to upgrade the physical and mental performance. In the last 20 years, he learned that the human body has a huge self-healing potential. He coaches people and teaches them how to get more of a constant energy, feel younger, lose weight and look better. He is the founder and CEO of the leading European biohacking platform He also founded Noordcode, a premium brand of good tasting functional food made from the purest ingredients available sourced in Europe. On he inspires people how to implement a healthy lifestyle, offers online learning programs, organises in-company trainings and coaches peak performers. He has also been among the world’s first certified Bulletproof Coaches.
Elina Kadaja

Elina Kadaja (Estonia)

Breath Work & Trauma Therapist Elina Kadaja is a renowned therapist specializing in transformative meditation, breathwork, and the mind-body connection. She has facilitated healing for over 2000 individuals through both private and group sessions. Elina’s expertise lies in helping clients achieve profound peace, clarity, and trauma release, guiding them to reconnect with their true selves. Her approach is particularly effective for emotional and psychosomatic issues that resist conventional medical treatment. An avid traveler, Elina has enriched her practice with insights from ancient cultures, having trained extensively in Ecuador and India, where she became certified in tantra yoga and meditative therapies. She is joyful, curious, and always open to engaging in conversations about her global adventures and learnings.
Eric Puro

Eric Puro (United States)

Founder and CEO @ KAAPA, Father of three Eric Puro is the CEO and Chairman of KAAPA Biotech, where he’s scaling the EU’s largest medicinal fungi factory to produce top-quality natural medicines. His career has spanned from corporate consulting in Chicago to building yoga studios in Portugal using only hand tools. Eric’s diverse experiences include squatting in abandoned factories in London and embracing solitude in Oregon’s remote woods. At his core, Eric is driven by a profound need to solve global issues by emulating best practices observed in nature.
Giancarlo Licata

Giancarlo Licata (United States)

Founder @ Vital Brain Health & Vital Brain Skills, Applied Neuroscientist, Brain Trainer, Diplomate in Quantitative EEG (Qeeg-D) Giancarlo Licata is the founder and director of Vital Brain Health in Los Angeles, where his pioneering work in 3D brain mapping and tailored neuromodulation has significantly improved focus, mood, and regulation for children and adults worldwide. An expert in the neuroscience of ADHD, anxiety, and autism, Dr. Licata is a sought-after international speaker. Beyond his professional endeavors, he enjoys yoga, archery, and exploring unique cafes.
Ilmo Strömberg

Ilmo Strömberg (Finland)

Biohacker, Walking N=1 Experiment, Consumer Health Tech Consultant, Blogger Ilmo Strömberg is a leading expert in biohacking and consumer health technology. Specializing in the Quantified Self and N=1 experiments, he meticulously tracks personal health data to innovate well-being strategies. As part of an elite athlete team, he tests cutting-edge devices and protocols. Ilmo’s insights are shared through his blog and have been featured in Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat.
Jan Braband

Jan Braband (Germany)

Researcher @ & Co-Founder @ ActiNovo Liposomals Jan Braband is co-founder of ActiNovo and PlantaCorp, established in 2015 in Hamburg, Germany. He aimed to disrupt the ineffective supplement industry by introducing a proven drug delivery system based on real, water-based liposomes. This innovative approach ensures vitamins, plant extracts, and minerals reach the bloodstream effectively. Over the past eight years, ActiNovo’s R&D has consistently developed powerful new products, bringing significant advancements to the supplement market. Jan’s vision transformed how supplements impact health, making them truly effective.
Jani Toivonen

Jani Toivonen (Finland)

Spiritual Counselor, Coach & Visionary Jani Toivonen is a transformative coach who empowers individuals through the art of holistic exercises and sound vibrations. He specializes in unlocking potential and nurturing creativity, guiding participants to profound relaxation and a deeper connection with nature’s rhythms. Jani’s approach helps people explore and expand their inner power and love, creating a serene yet energizing experience.
Jochen Seipel

Jochen Seipel (Germany)

Dipl.-Ing. (Fh) Electrical Engineering, Founder @ 3 Companies In Health Business, Specialist For Electromagnetic Radiation, Certified In Mental-Coaching Jochen Seipel is the founder of VIVOBASE GmbH and an expert in mitigating the effects of electromagnetic fields on human health. With over 13 years of dedicated research and development, he has engineered innovative solutions to shield the body from EMFs. Collaborating extensively with Dr. Siegfried Rilling, a renowned figure in non-toxic cancer treatment in Germany, Seipel also established Institut Dr. Rilling Healthcare GmbH. This institute focuses on the development of silica-based food supplements, leveraging silica’s exceptional information storage capacity to benefit overall body health.
Joe Cohen

Joe Cohen (USA)

Author, Founder & CEO of SelfDecode, SelfHacked & LabTestAnalyzer Joe Cohen revolutionized conventional and alternative medicine by addressing his own health struggles, which included inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, and anxiety. Frustrated with traditional healthcare, Joe began decoding his DNA and tracking biomarkers to improve his health. By discovering his genetic weaknesses, he optimized his health beyond expectations. This success led him to found SelfDecode, the world’s first direct-to-consumer DNA analyzer and precision health tool using AI-driven polygenic risk scoring for accurate insights and health recommendations. SelfDecode has helped over 100,000 people improve their health using DNA and lab data. Joe’s mission is to empower others to leverage the precision health revolution, unlocking insights from their DNA and biomarkers for optimal well-being.
John Harper

John Harper (Finland)

Biohacker, Certified Master Trainer, Former Athlete, Founder/CEO @ LumaFlex John Harper is a Certified Master Trainer and fitness professional with 15 years in the industry, dedicated to recovery and innovative fitness solutions. As a former athlete who overcame numerous injuries, he discovered the remarkable benefits of red light therapy. This led him to create LumaFlex, the first FDA class 2 cleared portable, flexible, and waterproof red light therapy device. At Lumaflex, John enhances athletic performance and muscle recovery with natural, non-invasive treatments. Join him to explore how red light therapy can transform your fitness and recovery routine.
Julia Cooney

Julia Cooney (United Kingdom)

Longevity Clinician, Biotech Entrepreneur, Founder of Zest Science, Biohacker (MBBS, MPhil, BHMS Hons) Julia Cooney is a longevity clinician, biotech entrepreneur, and the CEO of Zest Science. During medical school, Julia identified a critical flaw in healthcare: excellent at diagnosing illnesses, but poor at preventing them. This observation spurred her to pursue a Master’s in Biotechnology from the University of Cambridge, focusing on remote patient monitoring. She later collaborated with the NHS to implement remote monitoring in care homes during Covid-19. In 2022, Julia founded Zest, aiming to transition healthcare from reactive to preventative, empowering users to optimize their health. She also serves on multiple scientific advisory boards while continuing her clinical work.
Kaisa Merelä

Kaisa Merelä (Finland)

Women’s Empowerment Coach, Sexuality Educator, Menstrual Cycle Hacker, Author Kaisa Merelä is a Finnish pioneer revolutionizing modern sexuality education and women’s empowerment. She spearheads transformative online programs, retreats, and workshops, focusing on optimizing health and happiness through cycle awareness. Kaisa champions the integration of feminine and masculine qualities to enhance relationships and crafts entrepreneurship strategies that harmonize with female hormones, aiming for enduring empowerment through understanding sexuality. Her innovative approach has marked her as a national phenomenon in empowerment.
Kevin Varend

Kevin Varend (Estonia)

Founder @ J3D.AI, UC Berkeley Trained Mindfulness Teacher, Merging Business & Neuroscience Kevin Varend is the Founder and COO of J3D.AI, an AI-powered market intelligence platform serving clients like Deloitte and Allianz. A sought-after speaker, he has presented at WEF Davos, Horasis, Maastricht University, and Mindvalley. Kevin’s commitment to holistic development is reflected in his mindfulness teacher training at UC Berkeley under Dr. Jack Kornfield and his immersive experience living in the Amazon jungle. Academically, he holds degrees in Business and Psychology/Neuroscience, focusing his research on enhancing executive functions in leaders.
Kristin Weitzel

Kristin Weitzel (United States)

Founder @SHERPA Breath & Cold, WELLPOWER Podcast, CGF-CPT, Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) & Health Optimization Coach Kristin Weitzel is a health and high-performance specialist, nutrition expert, and certified fitness trainer, widely recognized for her expertise in breathwork and cold exposure. She leads the SHERPA Breath & Cold Instructor Certification, a program that has certified over 200 coaches and healers across North America and the Caribbean. Kristin’s global influence extends to supporting communities, universities, and athletes with performance enhancement and self-healing techniques. She is also the creator of ‘Warrior Woman’ coaching programs and hosts the WELLPOWER Podcast, where she converges biohacking wisdom with compelling guest stories. Her engaging approach and dedication to optimizing health continue to inspire a broad audience to explore their full potential.
Laura Hof

Laura Hof (Netherlands)

Wim Hof Method, Holistic Therapist, Business women Laura Hof is a renowned Wim Hof instructor and a trailblazing biohacker specializing in holistic therapies. Also an accomplished businesswoman, she integrates cutting-edge wellness techniques with traditional practices to empower individuals in achieving optimal health. Her unique approach not only enhances physical well-being but also fosters mental resilience.
Mai-Liis Kivistik

Mai-Liis Kivistik (Estonia)

Certified Naturopath, Founder @ MaiWistik’s Skincare, International Yoga & Face Yoga Teacher Mai-Liis Kivistik is a naturopath and founder of MaiWistik’s skincare, specializing in holistic wellness and natural beauty. Her passion ignited when diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2018, leading her to explore herbal treatments. As an award-winning yoga and face yoga instructor in Estonia, Mai-Liis integrates herbal remedies with holistic methods to enhance wellbeing. Her commitment to whole-body health inspires individuals to embrace their natural beauty and achieve internal harmony. She has been recognized as “Educator of the Year” for her contributions to the field.
Marko Tarnaj

Marko Tarnaj (United Kingdom)

Biohacker, Head of Product @ GlycanAge Marko Tarnaj is a pioneering engineer and longevity enthusiast who has devoted years to experimenting with both conventional and unconventional biohacks. Through meticulous self-research and monitoring, he has gathered invaluable insights into optimizing health for a longer life. Join Marko as he unveils the secrets of his journey, offering lessons from the many mistakes he has navigated along the way.
Matthew Maruca

Matthew Maruca ( United States)

Founder of Ra Optics, Educator, Entrepreneur Matt Maruca is the founder and CEO of Ra Optics, a company that emphasizes the crucial role of light in health and develops advanced light therapy products. After a decade-long personal health journey, he discovered the importance of light, leading to a deep interest in consciousness and existence. Matt teaches, travels, works with top executives and celebrities, and is dedicated to advancing the future of lighting. He enjoys singing, reading, running, surfing, traveling, and exploring.
Maximillian Endter

Maximillian Endter (Germany)

Founder of smaints, Certified Mycotherapist & Biohacker Maximilian’s passion is exploring human potential. As a biohacker, mushroom expert, and co-founder of smaints, he merges ancient TCM and TEN practices with modern science. His products, loved by over 10,000 people, and practical ideas aim to help others reach their highest potential. Seven years ago, his journey to optimal gut health introduced him to the powerful effects of medicinal mushrooms and impactful biohacks. Now, Maximilian is dedicated to sharing his findings with the world.
Nadine Lee

Nadine Lee (Australia)

Founder @ Tantric Alchemy, Mentor, Best-Selling Author @ Sex Priestess Nadine Lee is a celebrated teacher of the feminine tantric arts and a leading feminine embodiment coach. Author of the best-selling “Sex Priestess: Liberate your Eros, Embody your Feminine Power & Become a Force of Awakening,” she has spent over 13 years helping thousands heal from sexual trauma and awaken their erotic potential. As the founder of Tantric Alchemy, Nadine empowers individuals to embrace their true selves through private mentorships, online programs, and retreats worldwide. Her work not only reignites the erotic fire within but also channels this powerful energy into creative expression.
Philip Bromley

Philip Bromley (United States)

Co-Founder @ Virun NutraBiosciences & O3Omega Philip Bromley is a trendsetting entrepreneur and Southern California surfer with a unique flair, sporting dreadlocks and a deep knowledge of biology and chemistry. As the co-founder of Virun NutraBiosciences®, Philip innovates in lipid encapsulation technology to create more effective nutritional supplements. His passion for bioavailability and taste led him to establish O3Omega® Smoothies, a vegan brand blending Algae-derived Omega 3 DHA with MCTs. Recognized for his expertise in supplement synergies and contraindications, Philip has been honored as Personality of the Year. He captivates audiences with his authenticity and brutally honest insights.
Sakari Antero Arcturus 369

Sakari Antero Arcturus 369 (Finland)

Founder @ Mandala One Sakari Antero Arcturus 369 is a carrier of Geometric Codes and a Senior Software Architect. He walks the path between visible and non-visible worlds, sharing sacred geometrical patterns that underpin our Universe. With knowledge from the Stars Beyond Time, his mission is to integrate Sacred Geometry into technological and biological systems to enhance coherence and harmony. Representing the advanced Arcturians, Sakari aims to uplift humanity with ancient wisdom and cutting-edge insights. Bom & Shalom!
Samina Rind

Samina Rind (United States)

Impact Entrepreneur & Investor, Longevity Futurist, Brain Tumor Survivor, Bio Age 21 at 51 Years Old Samina Rind is a heterodox polymath, impact entrepreneur, investor, longevity futurist, and Pakistani TV star, known as the Fairy Godmother to her inner circle. Her mission is to nurture founders building movements that raise consciousness at the confluence of science, spirituality, and technology. Achieving a biological age of 21 at the calendar age of 51, she optimized her health after surviving a brain tumor and winning a six-year lawsuit to save her first tech startup. Recently, she became a keynote speaker, sharing her journey and evidence-based protocols to help others heal chronic illnesses, age backwards, and reach their fullest potential.
Sarah Turner

Sarah Turner (United Kingdom)

Biohacker, Light Expert, CEO CeraThrive, Host Rebel Scientist Podcast Sarah Turner is the CEO and Co-Founder of CeraThrive LLC and co-host of the Rebel Scientist podcast. With degrees in Clinical Neuroscience, Psychological Sciences, and Nutritional Medicine from Roehampton, Westminster, and Thames Valley Universities, Sarah recently added a diploma in Photobiomodulation from Montpellier University. Immersed in California’s Biohacker movement, she has interviewed leading experts in the field. Sarah specializes in using light wavelengths for healing, focusing on brain health and the gut-brain connection.
Scharliina Eräpuro

Scharliina Eräpuro (Finland)

Artist, Actress, Activist @ Certified Holistic Health Coach Scharliina Eräpuro is a 24-year-old top-charting artist, actress, certified holistic health coach, and activist captivating audiences with her music and performances. She co-founded the spiritual pop duo “Lightworkers” and also shines as a solo artist. Scharliina’s music, known for its healing and transformative qualities, serves as a beacon of hope. In 2024, she released high-vibrational healing tunes like “11:11 (432hz)” and “Fairytale.” Committed to social causes, she created a nonprofit organization and partners with international groups, releasing songs exclusively for nonprofit purposes.
Sorin Schiller

Sorin Schiller (Germany)

Founder @ Scientifically Savage Sorin Schiller is a visionary leader blending science and nature to foster personal and interpersonal health. Once pushed towards crime and violence by difficult beginnings, Sorin now teaches the Scientifically Savage method, helping individuals connect with their inner nature and achieve balance in mind, body, and relationships. His approach is unique—combining scientific data, personal insights, and a touch of wonder. Today, Sorin is a beacon of peace, devoted to sharing the wisdom of the natural world and enhancing performance through self-awareness and harmony.
Tiit Kikas

Tiit Kikas (Estonia)

Versatile Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer Tiit Kikas is a versatile multi-instrumentalist with a distinct passion for music, notably mastering the electric violin. As the owner of a unique laser harp, he showcases his innovative approach to musical expression. An accomplished composer, Kikas has crafted compelling pieces for numerous films, reflecting his deep understanding of musical dynamics. He also created a captivating concert opera inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Nightingale and the Rose.” Continuously exploring new sounds, Kikas pushes musical boundaries, producing mesmerizing compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide.
Tristan Scott

Tristan Scott (United States)

Electrical Engineer (M.S.), Marketing Lead @ Daylight Computer Co., Author Tristan Scott, a former Electrical Engineer, now leads marketing at Daylight Computer Co., which innovates computers designed to prioritize user health. He explores the electromagnetic aspects of biology and the health impacts of environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs), including artificial light and radio frequencies. Tristan advocates for decentralized systems and sovereign living, suggesting that a nature-centric lifestyle can alleviate chronic health issues. He authored “Bitcoin and Beef” in 2022.
Veli-Jussi Jalkanen

Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (Finland)

Sitting Health Development Pioneer Vessi is the leading inventor and designer of the optimum sitting health concept, dramatically improving overall health, productivity, comfort, and even appearance. He specializes in understanding the interaction between sitting and overall health. Traditional sitting culture causes over 30 sitting disorders, largely eliminated with the optimized Sitting Health System of Salli. His factories in Finland and China have improved the sitting health of over half a million people in 80+ countries. Salli offers superior chairs, tables, accessories, and the Salli Driver for car seats. Upcoming products include the Salli Pillow and the Salli Cycle. Vessi, a senior preventive health expert, designs sitting-friendly clothes, lectures globally, and is an eager writer.
Victor Wilhelmi

Victor Wilhelmi (Spain)

CEO @ Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic Marbella, Fasting, Integrative Medicine Victor Wilhelmi is a dynamic leader in hospitality and wellness. Born in 1986, he graduated from École Hôtelière de Lausanne in 2011. He gained diverse international experience in London and Mumbai before advancing to an international catering company. Victor founded an e-learning start-up, creating the “Fasting Coach” now used in his family’s Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic. He earned an MBA from IESE Business School in 2016 and became Managing Director of Buchinger Wilhelmi Marbella in 2018. Victor initiated the “CSA – Clinic Supported Agriculture” project, ensuring fresh local produce for the clinic. Married to Isabelle M. Somers since 2018, he is passionate about wellness, spearheading the “House of Inspiration” for holistic therapies.
Xander Denys

Xander Denys (Belgium)

Owner @ CryoHealth, Recovery Reinvented Xander Denys is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and coach specializing in breathwork and cold exposure. Driven by a passion for health and recovery, he founded a company that inspires high performers and organizations to prioritize holistic well-being. His unique approach includes hormetic stimuli such as whole body cryotherapy, infrared therapy, and IHHT oxygen therapy. Xander also employs floating technology and low-frequency vibration to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting comprehensive physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
Yip Thy-Diep Ta

Yip Thy-Diep Ta (Germany)

Founder @ J3D.AI, Ex McKinsey, INSEAD MBA, MIT & WEF Contributor Yip Thy-Diep Ta is the Founder and CEO of J3D.AI (Jedi), an AI platform focused on enhancing human-centric collaboration and intelligence. She strives to make peace more profitable than war. Ta’s notable efforts include co-founding women-centric initiatives SystAIn3r and DLT Talents to bridge the gender equity gap in AI and Web3. She authored the book “Beautiful Brains Change Tomorrow… Today” and contributes to the Crypto Sustainability Coalition at the World Economic Forum. A TEDx speaker at MIT, Ta holds an MBA from INSEAD and has worked with McKinsey & Company, Allianz, and Rocket Internet.