Welcome to nature's free supermarket, where wild edible plants are all around us. Many of these free culinary herbs are classified as notorious weeds but a closer look at these vigorous plants proves that they are some of the most nutritious plants on the planet

These plants are not just free and health-promoting, but culinary speaking some of the tastiest things you can ever have on your plate, surpassing anything you can find from your local supermarket. These versatile and wild-grown ingredients will reward your palate, gut, mind, and spirit like nothing else.

Learn how to identify, collect and enjoy some of the wildest plants available on this wild day trip.

Your guides will be Jouko Kivimetsä, the Grand Old Man of wild edible greens from Finland and Katalina Kokavecz- the functional medicine expert.

Jouko is a living example of his longevity doctrines with no medicines, no illnesses, the flexibility of a ballet dancer, and a brain full of ideas. Learn directly from him what edible wild plants to pick, how to prepare them, and how to take your diet to the next level by discovering wild foods.

  • Learn to identify wild nutrient dense plants
  • Know which parts to pick and where
  • Discover the wild free supermarket
  • How to prepare and cook them
  • Learn from Jouko his secrets to longevity by going wild
  • In the end, taste some of the wild flavours you just collected!

*Note: Open for the public - You do not need a Biohacker Summit ticket to participate.



Long term innovator, wellness concept developer, science park forerunner since the 80’s. Co-author of the leading guide book for edible wild plants and organiser of international events of the theme. Founder of villiruoka.info (wildfood portal), founder of National Association for wild edible herbs, founder of Brain Relief -stress release treatment, founder of two organic restaurants in Tampere and Helsinki rewarded as ”Lunch restaurant of the year in Finland”, forerunner of innovation centres and sustainable tourism. Second male doula in Finland. Jouko, soon 68 years, uses no medicines, has no illnesses, does not use reading glasses, can still do a spagat, guides 100 km/week trekking trips, runs a farm for edible wild plants etc. But he does not spend time in gyms, eat expensive nutritionals goods and his biohacking methods that he started to use 25 years ago are "wild". What does this mean? What are his secrets? How could you do the same?



Joining us on this enriching journey is functional medicine educator Katalina Kokavecz. As a contributing expert, she'll infuse the experience by bridging the gap between science and nature, harnessing nature’s healing potential and integrating functional medicine principles into your lifestyle for optimal well-being.


Sunday 30 June
14:00-17:00 (2pm – 5pm)



Address: Karhusaari (Karhusaarenpiha, Espoo) (map)

Just 15 minutes from central Helsinki lies Karhusaari, one of the last undeveloped coastline areas in the greater Helsinki area – The renaissance buildings and land of the unique forest area with its ancient tombs provide a unique setting for a wild foraging trip.


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