Thermogenic Spa

Bring your swimming gear and a towel!

Finland is cooler than you think. We welcome you to experience cryotherapy and ice swimming, combined with infrared and traditional Finnish sauna — and more — at the Biohacker Summit event on Friday, November 18 in Helsinki (Suvilahti).

Application of heat through a sauna and cold through ice swimming has always been part of Finnish culture. There are 3.3 million saunas in a country fo 5.5 million people.

Finnish biohackers are exploring the tradition with new methods and techniques to specifically benefit human health and performance.  Heat alteration has been linked to numerous health benefits including but not limited to shutting down inflammation, activation of genes linked to longevity and improved cardiovascular performance.

You are welcome to experience:

  • Ice bath
  • Hot bath
  • Traditional Finnish sauna
  • Infrared sauna (please note that in Europe Inrfrared cabins are not saunas. The sauna is specified in the International Sauna Congress in Aachen 1999 and does not accept infrared cabins as saunas)
  • Wood-heated sauna
  • Ice swimming

A shelter to change clothes is provided.

The famous Sompasauna is also close by, where you can dip directly into the baltic sea.

The Biohacker Summit includes international speakers diving deep into the topic such as Research MD for the European Space Agency Beth Healey who spent a year at ESA’s Concordia base in Antarctica studying human health in extreme conditions such as freezing temperatures reaching -100 degrees celsius and PhD in Biomedical Science Dr. Rhonda Patrick who presents study findings related to health benefits of sauna and cold exposure.