1. What is Biohacking?

We define biohacking as better living through science, technology, and nature. Biohacking is the application of systems thinking and deep understanding of genetics, epigenetics, physiology and nutrition to take your physical & mental performance, health and well-being to a new level.

2. What is Biohacker Summit?

Biohacking is a growing international trend. Biohacking is defined as better living through science, technology and nature. Biohacker Summit is the largest biohacking event in the world that connect wellbeing companies with medical professionals, technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, health and nutrition enthusiasts, and other pioneers. The aim of the conference is to make the world healthier and happier place, prevent disease, and extend human capabilities and lifespan.

3. Who’s organizing the event?

The conference brand is managed by Biohacker Center – an optimal human performance think tank headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Other content activities include the best-selling Biohacker’s Handbook, Biohacker’s Live Show and Biohacker’s Online Courses.

Biohacker Summit’s all around the world is a joint effort between Biohacker Center and respective local organizing partners.

4. Who are the speakers?

Presenters include leading international figures, technologists, medical professionals, and visionaries from the fields of digital health, quantified self, life extension, and biohacking.

5. What is the target group?

International audience consisting of boundary pushers, pioneers, innovators and health and wellbeing industry experts shaping the future of preventive health and optimal human performance:

  • Entrepreneurs & executives
  • Investors & innovators
  • Technologists & early adopters
  • Medical & wellness professionals
  • Academics & designers
6. When is the next Biohacker Summit?
  • Tallinn, Estonia – September 14-15, 2018
  • Toronto, Canada – October 14-16, 2018
  • Helsinki, Finland – Spring 2019 (TBA)
7. What is the Upgraded Exhibition?

These are the type of companies that usually exhibit at our events:

    • Biohacking equipment & therapy devices
    • Biomedical testing & biomarker analysis
    • Wearables, mobile apps & digital health
    • Optimal nutrition, supplements & superfoods
    • Smart living & smart working
    • Physical exercise & sports equipment
    • Wellness & health services

More focus may be added to specific product groups depending of the theme of the event.

Our events are designed for high-impact for exhibitors in terms of the time available to browse through the exhibition, and for attendees to try out various products and services.

8. How can I participate in the event?
9. What is the Upgraded Dinner?

Participants take part in preparing a multi-course dinner in separate kitchen teams guided by wild food chef Sami Tallberg.

Upgraded Dinner is a future food lab taking food, preparation, cooking, and eating to the next level with the latest science and kitchen chemistry. Biohacking techniques are used to preserve quality and increase absorption of ingredients such as foraged plants, wild game, and seasonal local produce.

This is an extremely unique and rare dinner that runs more like a hands-on workshop. A true learning experience in addition to incredible flavor.