Are you passionate about pushing the boundaries of human performance and health? The Biohacker Summit is looking for futurists, researchers, coaches, inventors, investors, professional speakers, facilitators, teachers, executives, health book authors, health & lifestyle influencers, and artists to share their insights and performances.

As a speaker, you'll engage with a community eager to explore cutting-edge health strategies, technology, and wellness practices. Apply now to contribute your voice to a transformative event that empowers attendees to thrive at the intersection of biology, physiology, health, and technology. Share your knowledge, connect with fellow experts, and inspire the biohacking movement. Our media platform provides not just visibility in a single event, but also online through our live streams, video recordings, social media, and podcasts.

Apply today and help us shape the future of biohacking.



Speaking at Biohacker Summit is not for beginners or those looking to enter a new industry. We have strict criteria for selecting our program. Your likelihood of being selected increases by having enough experience under your belt, potential presentations/keynotes at other top-of-the-line events, social proof online, experience, and solid unique angle that will draw interest from our audience. Here are some aspects we consider when selecting our speakers:

  • Expertise in Biohacking: Demonstrate deep knowledge in areas related to biohacking, such as health, nutrition, nature, fitness, technology, and longevity.

  • Solid Foundations: Showcase sound, unique or groundbreaking methods, experiments, or findings. Your work is rooted in science or tradition. You have followers or clients who appreciate your work.

  • Relevant Professional Experience: Your background and experience in industries or fields relevant to the themes and topics of the conference is convincing.

  • Public Speaking Skills: Provide evidence of strong public speaking ability, possibly including links to previous talks or presentations.

  • Engaging Presentation Style: Illustrate your ability to deliver content in an engaging and dynamic manner in clear English that can captivate and educate an audience.

  • Original Content: Offer fresh perspectives or insights to the biohacking industry that sets you apart of all the imitators.

  • Collaborative Potential: Have large enough existing mailing list, social media following, customer base, and/or prestige in the industry with an attractive service or product.

  • Social Proof: You have extensive visibility online, potentially with third-party validation and reviews on your expertise, published books, peer-reviewed research papers, media appearances, and so on.

  • Alignment with Summit Themes: Your proposal will fit into the overall event narrative.

The most common reason for rejecting a speaker application is overly self-promotional agenda (e.g. just to sell a specific product), unscientific claims, reputation issues, or lack of social proof.



Here are some of the formats we are looking for:

  • Keynote presentations: We are primarily looking for top keynotes to include in our program.
  • Panel discussions: We do not usually organize panels, but sometimes the most fitting format may be a panel or a fireside chat.
  • Workshop facilitation: We have other stages and side-events, where workshop facilitation for somatic, experiential, fitness, healing, or performances are conducted.
  • Art installations: We are always looking for artists that bring our event to life with their installations, live painting, and work.
  • Musical performances: We have musical events and parties, where we provide stage for live bands, DJs, and solo acts.

Due to high-demand, we select about 1 in every 50 applications and we do not offer speaking fees for anyone who reaches out to speak in our event.

What we do offer is the ability to speak on an amazing stage to an engaging audience, being recorded, streamed, and features accross our media channels. We also provide you with the full VIP experience for the duration of our whole event (worth thousands). In addition in some rare cases, we do sometimes offer accomodation, travel, affiliate revenue, and a stipend for the performance.

If you are a business, there is an easier way to become a speaker, and that is to apply as an exhibitor or sponsor here.



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