Epicenter, Stockholm, Sweden (map)
Right in the heart of Stockholm, 8 minutes walk from T-Centralen / Central Railway Station.

Biohacker Stage

Morning Session
9:00 – Opening Remarks: Better Living Through Science, Technology & Nature
Host of the day, Hannes Sjoblad (SWE) Human Augmentation Activist, Co-Founder @ BioNyfiken
Teemu Arina (FI), Curator of the Biohacker Summit

09:15 – Upgrade Yourself: Be Smarter, Sharper and Healthier
Max Lugavere (USA) TV Personality, Filmmaker, and Health Journalist
09:45 – Timeless: How I learned to Time Travel
Chris Dancy (USA) Mindful Cyborg
10:15 – The Current Landscape for Human Augmentation
Ariel Poler (USA) Founder @ Human Augmentation Investment Syndicate, Start-Up Mentor
10:45 – Being Transhuman In a Post-Human Age
Alexander Bard (SWE) Cyberphilosopher, Music producer, Speaker & Aron Flam (SWE) Comedian, Podcaster, Actor, Screenwriter, Author
11:30 – Lunch
Afternoon Breakouts
12:30 – Sweet Tooth: How to Overcome Sugar Addiction
My Westerdahl (SWE) Manager in the IT-sector, Columnist @
12:30 – An Introduction to Low Level Laser Therapy in Pain Management
Robert Sullivan (IRL) Surgical Podiatrician, Midleton Foot & Laser Clinic
13:15 – Hacking Your Biology With Nutrition
Martina Johansson (SWE) M.Sc Bioengineering, Science editor, Author and Biohacker
13:15 – Optimizing Neurotransmitters for Cognitive Health and Performance
Ryan Munsey (USA) Performance Optimization Specialist, Host @ Optimal Performance Podcast
14:00 – Break
Afternoon Session
14:20 – Fasting Routines for Improved Immunity and Optimal Health
Jonas Bergqvist (SWE), Physiotherapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner and CEO @ Paleo Institute, Sweden
14:50 – Biohacking Your Genital Area for Longevity and Health
Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN) Health Inventor, Sitting Health Specialist, Chair @ Salli Systems
15:20 – Biohacking Physical Exercise
Biohacker’s Handbook Authors (FIN) Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, Teemu Arina, Jaakko Halmetoja
16:00 – Break
Final Session
16:20 – Beauty Technology: Hack Your Body With Cosmetics
Katia Vega (PER) Beauty Tech Designer & Professor at UTEC 
17:00 – The 6 Keys to Become a Master Learner
Mattias Ribbing (SWE) Memory Champion, Author, Educator,
17:40 – Closing Remarks Towards an Upgraded Life
Host of the day, Hannes Sjoblad (SWE) Human Augmentation Activist, Co-Founder @ BioNyfiken
Teemu Arina (FI), Curator of the Biohacker Summit
18:00 – Biohacker Networking
In the Plaza

Note that we also have wireless headphones available with screens for viewing in the exhibitor area. Walking around with the headphones is encouraged both for your physical and mental health, as well as for improved networking. All presentations will be recorded and made available to attendees afterwards. Disclaimer: Presentation titles, speakers and program is subject to change.

Exhibition & Registration

Companies are invited to setup their exhibition stands on 18 May from 9 pm – midnight and 19 May from 7 am – 9 am.

8:00 – 9:00 – Registration & Networking
Registration open. Browse booths, take biohacking selfies and talk to people.

9:00 – 19:00 – Upgraded Exhibition (plaza)
Upgrade and refresh yourself in our exhibition full of exciting companies. Screens deliver live stream from the main stage. Use our wireless headphones to listen in to the lectures.

18:00 – 19:00 – Biohacker Networking (plaza)
Share your experiences and learnings with other biohackers while enjoying refreshing biohacker cocktails.

19:00 – 20:00 – Exhibition Disassembly
Companies are expected to disassemble their exhibition stands.

Amazing program to learn practical tricks, talking to the hardest-to-get experts, and trying out the latest self quantification & biohacking tools with other like-minded people interested in optimal performance. What are you waiting for?