The New Era of Health Care — Meet Biohacker Summit Exhibitors Heltti, Medigoo & Woblab

Biohacker Summit 2014 brings together a group of top companies from sports, wellness, nutrition, stress management and digital health to exhibit their products and services to biohacking enthusiasts. Heltti, Medigoo and Woblab are ambassadors of modern healthcare that focus on personal and preventative measures in the virtual environment.


Heltti is an occupational healthcare provider from Finland, redefining the industry by focusing on virtual services, health coaching and quantified self to promote wellbeing and preventative measures for knowledge workers. Founded in 2013, Heltti serves organizations who are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their personnel and eager to use online services to save their employees’ time.

Heltti’s customers are coached toward independent wellbeing management with a yearly online checkup and a personal wellbeing program that is supported by Wellmo, a mobile wellness app. In case of an illness, up to 80% of cases can be handled over the phone or online on platform. A team of physicians, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists serve customers in person in the company’s first clinic in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.


Medigoo is a free online health information service for consumers. Launched in 2014, the website responds to the rising global trend of self-diagnostics and biohacking, aiming to serve people who want to educate themselves about illnesses and treatment options before or after consulting a doctor.

On, users can find a vast selection of articles about different diseases. The articles describe the diseases’ symptoms and causes, risk factors and also present recommended treatment options. The site uses responsive design, making the information browsable on all devices.



Woblab is a Finnish company specializing in genetic testing. Founded in 2011, Woblab offers a variety of DNA and other medical tests that enhance the quality of life by providing useful information for dietary conditions, family planning and personalized training programs. Tests can be purchased online and conducted conveniently at home with a sample taken from oral mucosa.

You can meet Heltti, Meedigo and Woblab at
Biohacker Summit this Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Company stands are open for visitors throughout day.

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