Upgrades for your nutrition and sleep: Ambronite, Beddit and Emfit

In today’s age there is an increasing emphasis placed on keeping a healthy balance in life. We often find that we’re pushing ourselves harder and harder to maintain a high level of performance, whether that be in the office, gym or daily life. There are many advocates for the “8+8+8=24” lifestyle. This simply means, we know that eight hours of sleep is “optimal” according to doctors, we generally work eight hour days in office and that leaves eight hours of “free time” (what is that anyway?).
It happens far too often, that we find ourselves in the position of sacrificing nutrition, exercise time and rest in order to push performance levels in other areas of our lives. This is despite experiencing that “buzz” or “satisfaction” when eating a wholesome meal, exiting the gym after an intensive workout or waking up in the morning with a full tank of gas and ready to kick things off with loads of positive energy and enthusiasm.
The good news is that Finland has a long standing history of using technology and innovative products to help keep the balance in life which in the end helps one to lead a truly fulfilling life and leads to maximising your work day and in turn your work week.
Ambronite is a real innovative food company that keeps its focus on providing wholesome and nourishing meals in an easily transportable sachet. You simply mix the powder like solution with water or juice and you have yourself a full meal that won’t leave you hungry! Ambronite has spent a lot of time researching the impact of the ingredients they use in their shakes and only use natural and organic ingredients that have excellent reviews and research in the nutrition world. Each meal contains 500kcal of energy, high quality protein as well as a full spectrum of vitamins and nutrients.
Ingredients such as wheatgrass contain twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots, are higher in Vitamin C than oranges, have a full spectrum of B Vitamins as well as calcium, magnesium and the list goes on! And for you gym-goers that feel like you don’t get enough protein, wheatgrass offers a complete source of protein including amino acids, in a form that is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. This is just one example of the organic super foods that are contained in Ambronite’s ingredient list. We have all been in the situation at a conference where the finger food offered is fatty pastries or sugary buns; Ambronite’s shakes allow consumers to have a hearty nutritious and vitamin-packed meal at any time during the day — just be careful, they are addictively good!
So you have eaten well, you have completed your intensive exercise routine, now you need to rest. Don’t worry, we have you covered there too. Great Biohackers such as Teemu Arina have been heard saying: “If you do something repeatedly, why not do that the most optimal way possible?”.
Sleep is certainly one of these items.
Beddit offers a sensor that you sleep on, which tracks heart rate (an important indicator in recovery and stress), respiration (breathing frequency is related to stress levels and whether you snore or not), sleep cycles (allows you to see the quality of sleep based on movements you make during the night) and of course sleep time (recognising restless sleep time, time out of bed, awake periods and total sleep time).
The user can then see their personal sleep score via the companion application and can visualise the data through graphs which allow to see your perfect sleep cycles and makes it easier to detect items and scenarios where you are not placing yourself in the right situation to maximise your sleep.

Emfit also has a sensor that allows the user to monitor sleep patterns, time asleep, respiratory system, heart rate, and movement during the night. The Emfit application allows the user to see how much sleep in which category (LIGHT, REM or DEEP) as well as heart rate and respiration averages over the course of the night. Emfit is a sleep companion that helps you focus more on lifestyle choices and behavioural patterns that lead to a good night sleep, and in the end guide the user to fulfil REM and DEEP sleep, the higher quality sleep which allows your brain to rest. We are almost spoilt for choice here in Finland, with a number of quality products available for Biohackers to gain the best balance and quality of life not only in sleep, but in fitness tracking and nutrition. Emfit has a number of other healthcare and wellbeing products which you can check out at their website too.
So as healthcare continues to transform from reactive to proactive, one has to put themselves in a position to keep track of their own “temple” or body. We can make changes and alterations that will lead to happier and healthier life — that is the life of a Biohacker after all!
All of these exciting companies will be available to show you their biohacking tools at the Biohackers Summit! Now it’s your job to add to your Biohacking toolkit, to upgrade yourself!
Author: Leigh Ewin

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