Get ready for a better, faster, stronger Biohacker Summit!

Last year’s event gathered leading pioneers in biohacking, lifestyle designers, health and wellness experts, and successful entrepreneurs. Biohacker Summit ‘14 was all about upgrading your work week and featured a number of impressive tools, practical techniques and technologies to upgrade your day. We have some excellent videos from last year’s event that we will post weekly, so stay tuned and keep your eye on our newsletter.


Last event was so successful that we ran out of seats, so now it is time for an upgrade. This year Biohacker Summit will take place at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland. Experience a grander event, inspirational speakers to learn from, an amazing crowd to hang around with, upgraded food, and a solid ending party with DJs and art performances in an industrial setting.

Dislike sitting? Not a problem! Biohacker Summit ‘15 takes conference experience to a brand new level and offers the “Playground”, where you can try out new wearables, fiddle with biohacking equipment, and exercise while you watch the inspiring presentations. If you prefer sitting, then you can make sure you get a seat in the front row with the VIP ticket. The VIP ticket also includes a place at the Upgraded Dinner, held at Teurastamo (the “Butchery”), where you will learn the latest biohacking techniques while preparing a 6-course dinner with a master chef. Let’s take food, preparation, cooking, and eating to the next level with the latest science and kitchen chemistry.

This year we are expecting more brilliant speakers, guests, companies and hand-picked technologies. Step into the future with Biohacker Summit ‘15 and experience cool products that change the way we live and work. Get your early bird ticket now and prepare to get better, faster and stronger!

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