Tech Implant Installation Live on Stage (Biohacker Summit 2014)

One of the most exciting parts of the 2014 event was the on-stage installation of implants into two volunteers.

Before the installation, technologist, author, and double RFID implantee Amal Graafstra explains how he ended up having a chip in his hand and all the things it can be used for, such as: access control, mobile payments, loyalty programs, in-store marketing, location-based services, targeted marketing, information exchange and social networks.

The idea of moving RFID chips from your pocket to your hand is pretty straightforward, but fundamentally it transforms the concept of interacting with and experiencing the world. This is exactly what Amal and others have observed ever since they got the implants.

Pekko Vehviläinen, who had given his presentation earlier, was one of the brave volunteers to get his implant live on stage. To make the procedure even more interesting, Pekko’s heart rate and stress level were measured while having the chip implanted. Check out the full video to learn more about the story behind RFID implants and see for yourself how easy and painless it is to get them installed!

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