Top Tips for Lifehacking for Executives

At the age of fifteen, Martijn Aslander — Lifehacking veteran, Co-founder at SHIFT and — discovered that you can make money by doing the same stuff that he was doing at Scouts. By the age of seventeen Martijn was running a company of 60 people from the back of his classroom. At the age of 21 he was managing 140 people. Martijn has always had a fascination with being able to do more in less time, with less stress, lower cost and more impact. Over the years of his career, Martijn has mastered the art of lifehacking, which is all about leveraging your talents and your time to accomplish more in less time.

At Biohacker Summit ’14 Martijn Aslander shared some of the life hacks he uses himself in work space and work life, as well as interesting approaches to working with people, information, failure and ideas. Check out the full presentation for the great lifehacking tips and inspirational story of Martijn Aslander.

Biohacker Summit ’15, to be held 23-24 September, is all about becoming better, faster, stronger! More lifehackers will be on stage including Ari Meisel from Less Doing and Ben Greenfield from Ben Greenfield Fitness Systems. Join the event and get your early bird ticket here.

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