What Gets Measured Gets Managed with Pekko Vehviläinen

While one can use a staggering number of various devices to measure different things, the real question is what do you do with that data?

From the smart shorts to sleep measurement tools; from heart rate to environment measurement devices: this man has tried it all — he is the Most Quantified Man in Finland, Pekko Vehviläinen, PhD in Analytics and CEO of Digital Health Solutions. In his presentation Pekko shares his experiences of using various gadgets and how they helped him to make actual changes. Check out the full presentation featuring Beddit, EMFIT and V1bes to get insights on what to measure and how to manage the data received.

Pekko will return to speak at Biohacker Summit 2015.

Remember, this year Biohacker Summit ’15 offers you a unique experience — the “Playground” — where you can listen to inspirational speakers while trying out new wearables, fiddling with biohacking equipment, and exercising! Whether you want to sit in the first row or prefer to stay in the “Playground” we have some tickets available! You can buy your ticket here.

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