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Now that you know what devices can help you optimize the quality of your sleep and life, it’s time to take a look at how you can optimize your physical activity. In this post we will introduce you to some great devices and solutions that can enhance your physical performance.

Ben Greenfield, who will speak at Biohacker Summit on 24 September, is a founder of Greenfield Fitness Systems, which is all about achieving superhuman feats of physical performance without destroying your body. Greenfield Fitness Systems gives you answers to your toughest questions about workouts, nutrition, performance and fat loss. Ben Greenfield’s mission is to show you how to get your body performing at peak capacity, with maximum fat burning efficiency and ideal hormonal and health status, in the safest and fastest way possible. Rather than pounding you with complex workout videos and difficult diets, Ben will instead teach you how to achieve your goals by optimizing lifestyle parameters that go way beyond simply “exercise and healthy eating”. You’ll learn about fat burning efficiency zones, gut health, mental performance, maximizing recovery, boosting libido, and enhancing every possible aspect of your body – rather than just work out like a madman and eating boring food. In other words, Ben will teach you how to become Superhuman as fast as possible, as safely as possible. Make sure to check Ben Greenfield’s Fitness here for amazing articles, podcast, videos, workouts, recipes and plenty of other bonuses.


Once you’ve introduced yourself to incredible guidance from Ben Greenfield you may also want to try out Ithlete. Ithlete is all about improving your training effectiveness using Heart Rate Variability. Ithlete helps you monitor your rest and recovery — some of the critical aspects of training that should never be underestimated. Ithlete helps you understand when to train and when to rest. The answer is heart-rate variability which measures the time-gap between your heartbeats when you’re resting. The heart speeds up when you inhale, and slows down when you exhale: the difference is known as heart-rate variability (HRV). A healthy, well-rested body will produce a wider gap than a stressed out, overtrained body. But measuring and tracking heart rate variability presents a more precise picture of your overall health. A high reading combined with a normal resting pulse is good news — you can train hard that day. A low reading means you should take it easy, providing you with a guilt-free rest day. And while your body is in recovery mode, your muscles are busy getting stronger. Forget about the struggle when you feel like you want to have an intensive workout but you’re not sure if your body is well rested. Ithlete can tell you exactly what’s best for your body today. If you want to improve your performance without risk of injury or illness, want to know when and how hard to train and optimize your recovery, and get several other benefits that will enhance your training and recovery, you should definitely check out Ithlete.

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We all want to live our lives to their fullest but it’s not always easy to figure out how to do that on our own. Finnish-based company Lifted is here to help you live your life to the fullest every day with its online training that really gets you inspired and Lifted. Lifted specializes in coaching companies and individuals to reach their full potential, with online training that takes the holistic approach: movement, nutrition and mindfulness are integral parts of the journey. No matter what level of wellness you possess and what goals you have, Lifted has a special program for you. The 5 week Lifted LIFESTYLE will help you to raise your energy levels through the roof, manage your stress levels, and get back in shape. The 8 week Lifted FIT is for you if you already have a strong base in wellness: Lifted takes it to the next level — even more energy, optimized performance and better body composition. Find out more about Lifted here and choose the solutions that can benefit you the most.

Do you work in the office? Do you have to sit for several hours in a row working on your computer? Do you ever feel like you want to get up and stretch, jump or just walk around? Cuckoo Workout offers a great solution that will allow you to do that without feeling awkward — in fact, it gives an opportunity for all employees to play together in a way that will not only make your body feel happy, but also create a great atmosphere in the workplace. Cuckoo Workout activates employees during the day by giving them brief exercise breaks. Activity breaks and community aspects enhance physical and mental health. In the long term, Cuckoo Workout believes that this technique will save employers money — which is not surprising, because a happy and healthy employee is a motivated and productive employee. Check out more about Cuckoo Workout here.

Body relaxation is absolutely essential for your physical performance and what can be a better relaxation than a good massage? The answer is Shiatsu massage. Shiatsu massage is a Japanese style of massage, officially known as Namikoshi Shiatsu Ryouhou, named after its founder Mr Tokujiro Namikoshi. During a Shiatsu massage, the Shiatsu practitioner treats patients by using various types of pressure techniques that utilize fingers, palms and thumbs.
Depending on the patient’s condition, he adjusts the depth and the length of the pressure of his techniques accordingly, maximizing the effectiveness of the Shiatsu therapy. Shiatsu massage is beneficial for stress relief, total body relaxation, whole body treatment, recovery from injuries, maintaining health and wellness, and pure pleasure. Such common conditions as back pain, headache, frozen shoulder, stiff neck and shoulders, and stress-related symptoms (insomnia, high blood pressure) can be treated with Shiatsu massage. If you are ready to give it a try then Nordic Shiatsu Centre is here to assist you. Francis Gamache is a qualified Namikoshi Shiatsu Therapist from Canada, working in Finland since 2001. He has treated a variety of clients including entrepreneurs, CEOs, office workers, athletes, teachers, composers, and homemakers, who all have greatly benefited from his Shiatsu treatments. Francis has 14 years of experience in the field of Shiatsu Therapy. He graduated with honor from the Canadian College of Shiatsu Therapy and underwent a 2,500-hour Shiatsu curriculum from 1999 to 2001. You can learn more about the Nordic Shiatsu Center here.


All of these incredible people and companies will be represented at Biohacker Summit 2015 on 24 September. From becoming a superhuman in a safe way, to energizing your workday and enjoying relaxing massage, you will find everything you need to enhance your physical performance at the Biohacker Summit. In the next article we’ll be introducing companies that help you optimize nutrition. Stay tuned for more great stuff!

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