Productivity, Concentration and Health: Food for the Modern Lifestyle

Nowadays, food is not just a necessity that keeps us alive, but it is also a tool to maintain our health and increase our concentration in stressing and dynamic lifestyles. Five companies from Finland have come up with the perfect solution.

Ambronite believes that food has a critical impact on our productivity and happiness. This is why they are promoting a convenient and healthy meal, instead of the pizza full of calories or some noodles that are lacking nutrients. Their product: a quick and easy-to-make drinkable shake, free of artificial ingredients. This super meal contains 18 organic ingredients, which give our bodies everything they need and keep us in flow for the whole day. Just one Ambronite shake consist of 500 kcal of energy, 30 grams of high-quality protein, several vitamins and 14 essential minerals and fiber. This product is also suitable for vegans and recommended to both those who have a dynamic lifestyle or those who are keen on outdoor adventures. You can find more about the product from Ambronite website.


Mushrooms can also play an important role in our diets. We all know that these superfoods are rich in B vitamins and are the only vegan dietary source with naturally high amounts of vitamin D. Four Sigma Foods took advantage of these superfoods and built their own Shroom Army. They wild-picked, log-grew and carefully tested the mushrooms. Then they use a dual-extraction process in order to make tasty drinks from these mushroom.

Four Sigma Foods offers mushroom drink mixes, mushroom coffee, mushroom hot chocolate, superfood blends and adaptogenic herbs. You can choose the product that fits your need: relax and sleep deeper, bulletproof immunity, energy boost & recovery, increase productivity etc. Take your time and check out more details on Four Sigma Foods website.

Four Sigma Foods

Next, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with some organic and healthy chocolate and ice-cream offered by Goodio. The chocolates made by Goodio are handmade in a little factory in Helsinki. All the ingredients used are organic and of the highest quality. The cocoa used for making the chocolates is from the rarest single origin cacao in the world, “Pure Nacional”.

For the amazing taste of this chocolate, Goodio uses coconut palm sugar, which has a lower glycemic index and load than most sweeteners. Goodio Cools is the healthy alternative to the classic ice cream. This coconut milk ice cream is flavored with real berries, fruits, nuts and spices. Curious yet? Check out Goodio website.


Puhdistamo products are already well known for their benefits and their extraordinary quality. Ranging from protein bars to various seeds, pure snacks and shake powders, all the products are organic and give a great boost of energy. Their new product, Pakurirouhe, is made of Chaga mushroom, which is one of Finland’s most powerful natural herbal plants, and contains a high amount of antioxidants. For more details, take a look at Puhdistamo website.


E3Live have been offering natural organic health products since 1991. If you like spirulina and chrorella, you may want to consider this algae product. The products are made of AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), the first protein and most ancient food on Earth. E3Live’s products range from fresh frozen liquid shots, which are consumed in juices or smoothies, to nutrient powders and even creams and natural cosmetics. Their products can be found in Finland from Kärkkäinen.


All these amazing products improve our lives by giving us the nutrients needed to feed our bodies and keep us productive, focused and healthy. If you have any questions about these organic and natural products, come and try them out at Biohacker Summit on 24 September! Think fast, the event is in just one week!

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