Upgrade Your Working Environment With These Office Hacks

With the significant amount of time that we spend working in our offices it is essential to create an environment that will boost your productivity while keeping you healthy. Finnish companies NaturVention and Salli have developed innovative solutions to make your office a better place to work, and if there are people leaving the job for any reason, a farewell party at the office can be always a good idea to keep a good office spirit.

We all know that the air we breathe affects our performance and health. Now, imagine being able to work in an indoor environment and enjoy the climate of clean nature. NaturVention has created a solution to make this possible. By combining plants, biotransformation and IoT technology, NaturVention can guarantee you a higher indoor air quality with their Naava-series active green walls that provide organic indoor air for urban people. These active green walls optimize indoor air quality and humidity 24/7. NaturVention helps you control your indoor climate and optimize your working and living conditions.

Depending on your needs you can choose either Naava Original green wall or Naava Smart.

Naava Original wall replaces the synthetic chemicals and microbes in indoor air with nature’s own chemicals. In practice, it sucks the indoor air through the root zone of its plants. The microbes in the root zone remove impurities of the air by breaking them down into nutrients for the plant. Naturalized air is blown back into the room by extra quiet fans.

Naava Smart is the world’s smartest green wall that, by combining nature and high technology, generates the world’s healthiest indoor air. This smart furniture biologically adapts to variations in indoor climate in every space. It uses these impurities as its nourishment. The artificial intelligence, NaturboOS system, optimises the quality and humidity of indoor air by adjusting the conditions in indoor climate so that they are optimal for our health. Naava Smart brings genuine nature inside. Find out more about this incredible solution on NaturVention’s website. And if you still wondering whether you need NatureVention’s active green wall in your life, check out their impressive video called “The Wall”.

You’ve probably heard that sitting for extended periods of life might cause negative health effects. You might be already getting back, neck and shoulder pains. While you can’t avoid sitting if you are working in the office, Salli Systems has developed furniture that will help you improve your sitting health.

Salli Systems is the leading manufacturer of saddle chairs in the world. The Finnish company has been developing the optimum seating concept since 1990, and holds now two worldwide patents. Salli’s invention, the two-part saddle chair that has an active seat, solves the classic problem of how to sit without disturbing one’s circulation and metabolism and thus one’s health and productivity.

On the two-part Salli® Saddle Chair, good posture can be maintained the whole day. Salli Systems produces saddle chairs, electrically adjustable tables, and accessories; the products are exported to more than 60 countries. At the Biohacker Summit Salli Systems will present two-part Salli Saddle Chairs (Swing and SwingFit) and high-adjustable e-Tables.

All Salli furniture has been designed to work together. Tables are height-adjustable and they have a socket that supports the body. You can learn more about sitting health and the products that Salli Systems are offering from their website.

Both NaturVention and Salli Systems are definitely the tools you need in your office if you want to increase your performance and improve well-being in the workplace. You have a great opportunity to have a talk with the companies and ask everything you would like to know about the products at Biohacker Summit on 24 September. It looks like the Biohacker Summit tickets will be sold out so hurry up and don’t miss the opportunity to visit this incredible event!

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