Maximilian Gotzler and Getting Into the Flow State

“Biochemical state of flow is the state when prefrontal cortex shuts off, time dilates, performance skyrockets and you feel as present as you can ever be.”

Maximilian Gotzler, the founder and CEO of Biotrakr and Flowgrade, is one of the leading influencers in the German Quantified Self and Biohacking scene. Being a former professional athlete, he started tracking different biomarkers and connecting them to his diet, fitness level, sleep and other parameters.

“… I was really fascinated by this tracking aspect. And I noticed that just the fact that I tracked something already helped me improve because it made me aware, it motivated me to keep going, it showed me progress. And that’s how I got into the quantified-self scene.”

Max Gotzler

Now, he is pursuing his vision to use the power of cutting-edge diagnostics to enhance human performance and to offer tools and actionable guidelines to everyone who wants to upgrade his or her physical and mental capacities. He explains that flow state is the ultimate state of being human. According to him, “flow is a measurable state of mind, in which one is so focused that everything around falls away, action and awareness merge, time dilutes, ego vanishes and performance skyrockets.” His mission is to deliver the clean, ethically sourced and highly effective products and methods to achieve flow, to live and work in it, to experience the world with the most focused and powerful state one’s mind can reach.

See Biohacker Summit curator Teemu Arina interviewing Maximilian Gotzler on entering the flow state:

“… State of flow, which for me, is this moment where you’re as present as you can possibly be, as much in the moment as your body and your mind is possible to be … I think that the art of biohacking, which for me is using technology and nature in order to really find the best version of one’s self, is an ideal way of creating more flow in your life.”

Watch his talk on Biohacker Summit London on reaching an optimal cognitive state, making the most out of your daily experience with the power of flow building habits, and how you can upgrade your everyday experience in work and life:

Maximilian Gotzler is the Founder and CEO of Flowgrade, a leading brand for cutting-edge Performance Nutrition. As a biohacker, former professional athlete, blogger, and organizer of the Quantified Self group in Berlin,

Maximilian’s work has been covered by prominent media outlets including ZEIT ONLINE, Brand Eins, ARD, ZDF, and Bloomberg. Based in Berlin, Maximilian and his team are working to offer the highest-quality nutritional products to the European biohacking community. Maximilian holds an MSc in Economics from Sorbonne University in Paris and a BA in Psychology from Boston University.

Eager to know more about how to get into the flow state? Check out his podcasts on Flowgrade. Better yet, come meet him at Biohacker Summit on 18 November 2016.

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