Lullaby and Quantify Your Sleep

The old saying is true: Sleep fixes most things. Yet in a world where there are more things to do than time to do them, it is becoming increasingly easy to sleep less than our bodies need for healthy functioning.

Scientists may continue to debate and discover what sleep or the lack of it does for as long as our planet exists, but one thing they all agree on, is the damaging effect of too little sleep on the brain’s ability to function. We know the drill: eat right, sleep right, play right, love right = a happy healthy life! However, many of us continue to float through life neither fully awake or asleep.

You see, it’s not just enough to sleep. Because of the overcharged, fast-paced, intensely stimulated environment of our modern society, it can be surprising to learn that even when we do lie in bed for 8 hours, many of us are not getting the recovery our bodies need for a variety of complex reasons. Most of us don’t think twice before spending the hours and minutes before we go to bed finishing work emails or texting those far and dear, reading ebooks or browsing Facebook. Yet these daily routines of ours gravely affect the body’s natural sleep inducing hormone melatonin.


Since 1896 even our great great grandparents might have heard of studies on the negative effects of sleeplessness, but our tendency to over complicate life, may very well have drowned out these warning cries of prophetic self-destruction. We are forced to seek solutions and quick fixes when we are ill, often due to the damaging side effects of a lack of sleep, but rarely are we obsessed with what caused the illness in the first place. We’ve all heard of Einstein’s saying something to the effect of, “We can’t fix problems on the same level they were created”, and most of us would agree.

Yet if we, or your doctor or therapist replied to every challenge you presented with the advice: “Sleep!” – we would likely all be out of business!

Sleep-deprivation suppresses the immune system. If you feel yourself getting ill, clock out early. Faced with relationship mountains? Take a nap instead of wasting energy on texting or being mad, and you are sure to be more diplomatic and solution-oriented. Finding work challenging? A power nap could boost your inspiration and productivity and help you tap into your creativity. Care for someone young or old going through a rough time and don’t know what to do or say or help? Be a good friend and remind them of the benefits of sleep. Or better yet, help with a few chores or take the kids so they can sleep. Run out of gift-giving ideas for the holidays or a special occasion? Try a sleep tracker and help a friend rediscover their joy by sleeping their way to success.

Don’t believe life can be this simple? No need to take our word for it! Discover the magical role sleep can have in your life, by tracking your own sleep data to find out what is going on in your body, heart and mind as you sleep. Are you sleeping long enough, well enough, in the optimal environment for you? Improve the quality of your sleep and thus your life, and most importantly become your very own private sleep detective to discover how to hack your life challenges by simply monitoring your sleep.

Biohacker Summit recommends Emfit as a fabulous one-stop solution to sweet dreams. Unlike most sleep tracking solutions, Emfit measures your HRV (heart rate variability), recovery and balance of the autonomic nervous system. As a busy entrepreneur or athlete you will surely appreciate the ability to see how your nervous system is recovering. Take a look at Emfit here! You can find more detailed information on Sleep in this complimentary chapter of the Biohacker Handbook.

Author: Angel Goa

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