Teemu Arina on Upgrading the Workplace

To me biohacking reduces the distance between the feedback that you get and if you are getting the results that you want. So, if you do some kind of measurements, you can become more sensitive to whats actually going on.”

Teemu Arina has a professional career of over 15 years as a technology entrepreneur, author and speaker. He is one of the forefront thinkers on the intersection of the man and the machine covering topics such as quantified self, biohacking, internet of things,wearable computing, and digital health. Recently he received the Leonardo Award (under the patronage of European Parliament and UNESCO) for “Humanity in Digitization”. Mr. Arina is co-author of the forthcoming Biohacker’s Handbook for optimizing health and wellbeing with technological and biological tools. On the top he is a popular international keynote speaker who has presented in countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, and Germany.

I would constantly upgrade my existing biological machinery with technology. If there is an artificial eye that is better than the human eye that would do crazy things, I would immediately sign up for it.”

“The whole sum of knowledge created by the mankind is now available on Wikipedia, different kind of databases, PubMed, and on you-name-it, available at my fingertips on real-time.”

“Biohacking is a modern path to enlightenment. You use external technologies, devices and self-quantification methods to gain a perspective of yourself.”

In biohacking I like to do a lot of experiments at once, and when I see a significant change I start to remove things until I reach a threshold.”

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Teemu Arina is one of the speakers at at Biohacker Summit on 18 November 2016. His talk is going to be about upgrading the workplace. This man is an expert in this subject, he started his first startup at the age of 16, and is currently running 3 companies. He also biohacked himself back to health from a serious stress-related case of getting an ulcer. If you want to hear Teemu touching the subject, watch the following video, where Teemu talks at the venerable Slush conference together with serial entrepreneur, triathlete & Guiness World Record Holder Sami Inkinen on how to use biohacking to work more productively as an entrepreneur:

Also check out Teemu’s appearance at the Flowgrade Show, where he talks with the show’s host Maximilian Gotzler on topics such as if Bruce Lee can be considered one of the first biohackers, why he uses a gold filter to brew his coffee and what is the transhumanist future for mankind.

Show notes:

  • 6:32 – Bruce Lee, electrical stimulation and raw meat smoothies
  • 10:40 – Meditation and effective feedback loops
  • 13:25 – A universal meal replacement called Ambronite
  • 17:28 – Preparing coffee with a gold filter and medical mushrooms
  • 19:10 – On the beneficial properties of medical mushrooms
  • 24:45 – Coffee as a transportation agent and Bulletproof Coffee Flowgrade Style
  • 25:50 – The most important supplement and the importance of sunlight
  • 29:45 – Overcoming chronic health problems by hacking the human body
  • 38:00 – Wearing a shirt that tracks heart and lung function
  • 39:50 – Arguing with medical professionals about taking health risks
  • 45:30 – The definition of biohacking and how to become a real biohacker
  • 51:00 – The comprehensive contents of the “Biohacker’s Handbook“
  • 58:20 – About Teemu’s transhumanist vision of the future
  • 1:07:05 – Teemu’s best advice to all the listeners

Teemu Arina is the curator of the Biohacker Summit 2016. Meet him and the rest of the Biohacker’s Handbook team on November 18 2016 in Helsinki, Finland.

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