Sarah Turner on Becoming Super Charged

“Imagine, a mind quick as lightning, a body charged with energy. No, it’s not a fictional superhero. It’s you. SuperCharged.”

Sarah began her career as a research scientist. She worked for a number of big pharma companies including 6 years at GlaxoSmithKline, where she investigated the effect of electrostatic “charge” in the human body, and how it relates to physiological function.

Sarah left the pharmaceutical industry to pursue a degree in Nutritional Medicine and also earned a master ’s degree in Neuroscience/Psychophysiology of Stress. In her search for a deeper, more holistic approach to healthcare, she later became Head of Research for a bio-energetic medicine company, conducting and overseeing small-scale trials. Sarah has a special interest in the growing science of Quantum Biology – and how the learnings from this field can be applied in a practical way to ‘BioHack’ health and performance.

Sarah is a now the co-producer and director of the movie “SuperCharged” and is a founder and spokesperson of SuperCharged Performance.

“The film explains the science and shows how the extraordinarily diverse biohackers in the cast went from Sickly Sludge to Super Charged. Yes, we’re only human, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel superhuman.”

“The aim of the movie is to educate and entertain and ultimately challenge the current view of biology in such a way as to make people more aware of the limitations in mainstream thinking therefore giving credibility to a range of novel ways of helping people with their health.”

“All of life is one big interconnected energy transferring machine, the implications of which will change the way we view health, aging, peak performance and endurance.”


The movie features footage from leading experts in the health and quantum biology field on how to hack your body for abundant energy and a lightening mind.

  • People interviewed in the movie include:
  • Dave Asprey, Bulletproof
  • Joe Polish, The Genius Network
  • Gerald H. Pollack, PhD, author of The Fourth Phase of Water
  • Dr. Jack Kruse, Neurosurgeon
  • Terry Wahls, MD
  • Dr. Stephen Sinatra, US’s No. 1 Cardiologist
  • Mae-Wan Ho, PhD, Quantum Biologist
  • Wim Hof, The Iceman
  • Perry Marshall, Evolution 2.0
  • Kate Towler, America Family Cold Thermogenesis Story
  • Jeremy Thomley, Cystic Fibrosis Quantum Biology Story

Biohacker Summit will screen the SuperCharged movie on Sunday 20 November. Tickets available here.

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