Twist, Shake and Sit Your Way to Corporate Wellness

Half the average person’s waking life is spent at work. For many people this means sitting at a desk or in some other humanly unnatural position, with little to no physical movement.

This is especially alarming when the correlation between corporate wellness and company output is so staggering. In short, the happier and healthier a company’s employees, the more likely a company to succeed. These aren’t just pretty words, there are shocking numbers to back it up: “…$250 million savings in lowered health costs and a 50% reduction in high blood pressure among employees” (author of Gladiator’s Guide to Corporate Health & Wealth).

Yet with all the buzz around corporate wellness and the myriad of options with difficult to keep track of long-term results it’s easy to conclude health at your desk is just another fad. However, rest assured that your well being at the office isn’t going out of style! It’s absolutely here to stay, and now technology has made it so easy, that you don’t need to spend more time or added stress figuring it out.

Nowadays, you can literally “sit to be healthy”! Keeping in mind male and female genital health, your circulation, lymph flow, knee and hip joints, pelvic and back, circulation to your brain, intestines and shoulder joints, the Finnish born Salli Saddle Office Chairs were designed with versatile solutions for different environments and professions. By adopting these you will avoid sitting disorders and most MSD, such as back pains, fatigue, and poor posture. You will stay healthier and be much more energetic and productive. Developed since 1990, based on science and medicine these saddle chairs support all the parts of sitting physiology that are needed to gain stable health in sedentary jobs.

The inventor and founder of Salli, 65-year-old Veli-Jussi “Vessi” Jalkanen is a legend of his own. Listen to this fascinating interview by Ben Greenfield where Vessi shares his secrets on how to live to respectable age and not kill yourself in the process:

See the show notes here at Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast.

And when you’re not sitting, twist and shake! Like literally. The number one educational publisher in the Finnish market, Sanoma Pro, joined the team of users this year adding to Helsinki City, Laurea University and Etera Insurance, in spiking their employees wellness with Cuckoo Workouts! Users reported increased energy levels (77% ), team spirit and well being (55%), and productivity (41%). The “no-brainer” easy-to-use office workouts are convenient and easy and all the work has been done to ensure that you’re all out excuses when it comes to incorporating what matters most into your everyday work life!


The three most important things to keep in mind if you wish to ensure that your company corporate wellness is all it can be, are the following:

  1. Make sure wellness is part of the company culture and conversation. The more a part of daily life it is, the more likely it is to succeed! As a team, we really do it better, and that’s why it’s essential that every member of the team participate, and what better way to ensure wellness than by having fun! It’s important that wellness in companies be built like a fence at the top of the cliff, instead of a clinic at the bottom. So instead of trying to prevent illness, the emphasis is placed on building a healthy foundation and structure with employee input. If wellness is a part of the culture then employees do not need to feel burdened that it is an additional task to their already busy workloads, and they do not need to choose between participating in well-being promoting activities, or their jobs. Rather these essential practices become a part of exceptional work output.
  2. Rome could have been built in a day, but change and incorporation took time. So it is with corporate wellness. Think forever. The wellness program should be long term in nature, and must consider what kind of health and well being employees might have 10 to 20 years from now if they continued in the firm. If there are things in the way of a positive income, then measures should be considered to improve the seemingly inevitable. For example, smoking and healthy diet challenges are easily improved with the right support and conversation. If the company and co-workers are behind it, it is easier for individuals to make progress. The program needs to stay up-to-date and be monitored and re-evaluated on a regular basis. Instead of one-off quick solutions, an overhaul approach is a surefire to the target.
  3. The last, and certainly not least as it is the most important, is mental health of the workplace. It has been said: All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly alone (Blaise Pascal). Mindfulness and meditation are easily incorporated into the workplace with just few minute breaks a day. The proven effects of such practices include: enhanced creativity and generating solutions, better management of the body’s reactions to stress, response flexibility, emotional resiliency, improved empathy, increased morality, and the list goes on!  Cuckoo Workouts not only has programs to show and track the physical, but you can have a complete mental workout with the mindfulness feature of the service as well! Your company’s wellness should be a foundation that supports every employee at the workplace in thriving at their maximum potential, in the most creative state possible. So if something as simple as the way we sit or shaking our booty can have such great impact, that’s a fantastic place to start, and an even better place to finish!

Author: Angel Goa




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