Tomi Kokko Path to Becoming Lean in 5 Weeks

Tomi Kokko is a Finnish entrepreneur, a leading lifestyle change expert and development coach in Finland. He is inspirational attitude and his successful Lean In Five Weeks program has helped over 8,000 Finns to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Tomi Kokko has a history of playing a variety of different sports such as football and hockey, but his biggest achievements came in judo which he won several Finnish championships. After moving to Australia in 2007 he decided to start studies to become a personal trainer and an entrepreneur, this was a turning point which started a journey towards launching his signature Lean in Five Weeks –program.

During his time in Australia, Tomi Kokko experienced constant problems with his health, like fever and dyspnoea. After consulting with coaches and doctors about his symptoms he decided to make a dramatic change in his diet. Back in the days, an average diet for athletes contained a lot of dairy and milk products. When Kokko realised that his health issues were coming from dairy, he decided to cut them off. The results were quite promising. Stronger immune system and better health made Tomi focus heavily on nutrition.

Once back to Finland, Tomi Kokko influenced the discourse around the Finnish national nutrition recommendations. In his documentary “30-Day Human Test” (in Finnish) he tested how national nutrition guidelines affected his body. The show became extremely popular in Finland and became the most watched documentary on the Sub TV channel. In past year he has been talking about healthy nutrition in several Finnish media channels and seminars. He also has his own ”Five am coffee” -brand and his signature ”Green Monster” smoothie.

My vision is to help one million people towards a healthier and happier life through clean nutrition and exercise“, says Kokko.

In addition to physical exercise, personal development, positive and let’s go attitude, it is very important for Kokko to give unconditional help to others in reaching their goals. He has an inspiring attitude towards life. Beware it is contagious! By introducing Kokko’s life hacks and routines in your life you can lift yourself up to the next level and start the journey of chasing your dreams.

Tomi has his own special morning rituals which he believes are the key factor for keeping up the best flow and inspiration for the rest of the day. According to Kokko, cold and hot thermogenesis has a huge impact on both physical and mental performance. You can learn his special techniques at the Biohacker Summit Spa Area.

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