Self Hacking to Wellness With Joeseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen has had a history of unfortunate genetic predispositions for chronic health problems that conventional medicine hasn’t come far enough to diagnose. Experimenting with a variety of diets and supplements programmes, he was unable to find a solution for his health problems, until he really started digging deep into research to understand what was happening in his body on a biological level. Throughout this journey, he had some personal breakthroughs with his own health, becoming symptom-free.

“At the rock bottom of all of this, when I was flat broke and unable to work, I decided to get to the root of everything and really tried it all. I turned my back against the propagandized health world and read the literature for what it really was” – comments Joseph Cohen on his health journey.

Biohacking himself from sickness, he became an entrepreneur, investor and writer, and founded two projects, and At the age of 27, he finished school and decided to focus writing full time. Within three years, Self-Hacked grew thirty-fold and has become one of the most popular ‘biohacking’ sites, with content that has helps people to become optimal and heal themselves. A year later he created SelfDecode, a popular biohacking software that gives people the tools to optimise their health combining data from genetics, blood tests, and symptoms to render personalized recommendations.

With these two projects, his goal was to create an ecosystem that provides people with the information that Joseph wished he had, helping them to understand how things work, and to give tailored advice. In his latest article, he discussed the “amazing benefits of red light therapy”, as an anti-inflammatory, physical performance and cognitive function enhancer, but also tackles a number of other topics such as longevity, sleep function, and fitness. Joseph Cohen has also developed a framework, in which you can self-hack your issues and examine the big 8 factors that cause disease or non-optimal health. He suggests that these should be emphasised according on their importance to you.

  1. Unsuitable diet for individual biology, or what kind of foods do we respond well to.
  2. Sleep and circadian rhythms, or how the body’s systems work in rhythmic fashions
  3. Lack of Sun and light, or how exposure to light can influence well-being, memory, circadian function etc.
  4. Disturbed circadian rhythms, its effects metabolism, mood, cognitive function and proneness to disease
  5. Excess stress and unhappiness, association to health issues, inflammation weight increase, etc.
  6. Lack of natural stressors, in the past, temperature variation and exercise were normal part of existence
  7. Toxins, how your lifestyle, food and air quality affect your longevity and wellness
  8. Infections and Injuries, and how this links to gut microbiota and immune function

Understanding the intricate interplay between an individual’s biology and dietary choices is paramount for optimal health. While some may thrive on certain foods, others might experience adverse reactions due to genetic predispositions or underlying health conditions. Tailoring one’s diet to align with their unique biological makeup can significantly enhance overall well-being and mitigate potential health risks. Platforms like offer nutrition guidance based on genetic markers and lifestyle factors, empowering individuals to make informed dietary choices that resonate with their bodies. Adopting a holistic approach to health and wellness involves nurturing a resilient gut microbiota through balanced nutrition, stress management, and targeted supplementation.

Joseph will share his insights at the Biohacker Summit on Friday, October 13th.

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