How to Become Antifragile With Siim Land

As biohackers, we are used to improving our bodies to improve health and achieve peak performance. Logically, we experiment and follow the lifestyle and dietary choices that best suit us. However, these ideal states might take us to the other side of the spectrum, by limiting our options and making us more fragile. In his talk at the Biohacker Summit in … Read More

Optimizing Productivity With Martina Johansson

Many of us struggle with optimizing productivity, especially if you are an entrepreneur. We usually complain of lack of focus, but Martina Johansson explained at the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm that it is more than that. If you want to optimize your productivity, don’t miss this article including specific tips and a video recording of her talk.

Biohacking Bone Density for Skeletal Strength

This is a guest article by OsteoStrong (written by Dirk Coetsee) sharing story behind OsteoStrong – Kyle Zagrodzkys’ game-changing technology, and an ultimate biohack to improve skeletal strength. The CEO and founder of OsteoStrong, Kyle Zagrodzky, speaks with a sense of awe, of his business relationship with world-known motivational speaker, author and biohacker Tony Robbins, and his mission to change … Read More

Personalizing Sleep with Hannu Kinnunen

At the Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Scientific Officer at Oura Health, explained how to know your chronotype from your own data and use it to optimize your life. Read this article and watch the presentation to learn more about using wearables to track and optimize your sleep.

The Power of Phototherapy in Healing and Longevity

This is a guest article by Arch of Scandinavia – a Swedish company on a mission to optimize the health of the people and the planet by using the latest breakthrough techniques such as low-level laser therapy. We have seen some quite amazing things ever since we took Erchonia on board the Nordics and integrated their technology with our applied … Read More

Make Yourself Healthier by Sitting Right

This is a guest post by Veli-Jussi Jalkanen, a health inventor, and CEO and founder of Salli – a leading sitting health company providing solutions for ergonomic sitting with pioneering saddle chair technology We all sit for hours every day, yet we rarely pay attention to how we do it. This important issue gets easily neglected, even though it can … Read More

Red Light for Healing

This is a guest article by Anna Iversen  – a CEO and founder of Fjor, a company building the world’s first red light booth where the benefits of full-body red light treatment can truly be maximized Seeing the light When both my parents were diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other I was scared. I didn’t know much about … Read More