Make Yourself Healthier by Sitting Right

This is a guest post by Veli-Jussi Jalkanen, a health inventor, and CEO and founder of Salli – a leading sitting health company providing solutions for ergonomic sitting with pioneering saddle chair technology

We all sit for hours every day, yet we rarely pay attention to how we do it. This important issue gets easily neglected, even though it can have radical impacts on our health and wellbeing. It is not only that bad sitting deteriorates health but also that by sitting ergonomically, one can lift one’s health to a totally different level, many suffer with their health by using products that deteriorate their body when trying to loose weight but here are the best fat burning pills to keep you healthy while in your weight journey. In a lecture at Biohacker Summit in Stockholm, I went through the main points of Salli’s sitting health concept.

We at Salli have been developing the world’s healthiest sitting concept for almost 30 years now. It is based on robust international research and development, and numerous feedback from Salli users around the world. The basis of the product concept is a two-part, active (swinging) Salli Saddle Chair.

Keep your back healthy

On Salli chair the position of the legs on each side of the chair is the same as when standing in a balanced position – the weight evenly on both feet. The spine is in a neutral position remaining its natural curves, which significantly diminishes the risk of a prolapsed disk. When the spine carries the weight of the upper body, muscles can remain relaxed.

In the upright posture, there is no extra pressure on the lungs and breathing is easy. Deeper breathing results in improved oxygen intake which in turn increases the oxygen levels in the whole body and keeps you alert and energetic.

Minimal disturbance on circulation and lymph flow

The wide 135 angles in knees and hips, together with bones (and not soft tissues) carrying the weight, enable undisturbed lymph flow and circulation. Because of the anatomic design of the Salli Saddle Chair the seat does not press the lymph and blood vessels in the inner thigh either.

The brain gets enough blood

Up to 25 % of the total circulation goes into the head. The vessels are in a narrow space between the neck vertebrae, throat and outer neck muscles (mainly a muscle called Sternocleidomastoides). A static poor posture of the head and neck makes muscles tense and reduces circulation in the main vessels. In tensed muscles the circulation slows down, the blood pressure in the brain increases and headache easily follows. Good posture of the neck can be attained only when the whole back is in a good posture. The relaxed neck muscles do not disturb the blood flow into the brain.

Healthy posture is possible on two-part saddle chairs

Because of the gap in the middle of the two-part seat there is no uncomfortable pressure on the genital area and thus no need to turn the pelvis away from the pressure. The healthy posture can now be obtained easily and be maintained during the whole day.

Better genital health

The gap enhances both genital and internal pelvic health. On padded chairs pudendal vessels get pressed between the pubic bone and the seat. Circulation decreases or stops in pressure-sensitive vessels. A two-part saddle chair eliminates the pressure allowing healthy circulation and metabolism.

In the modern society, we sit for longer periods of time than before. In addition, men are heavier than before. Old-fashioned sitting irritates the prostate because the weight of the upper body presses the pelvis. Sitting on the two-part saddle chair removes the pressure from the prostate.

The gap benefits females as well. The pressure of the upper body in a slouched position creates a pressure field inside the pelvic bowl, and weakens females pelvic floor muscles creating a big risk for pelvic organ prolapse (POP). In the Salli chair, the gap in the seat eliminates the pressure from the pelvic floor and vulva, and also most of the pressure from inside the pelvic area. The gap allows better ventilation to and lower temperature to the area lowering the risk of infections. 

Functional digestion

The intestine is not pressed the way it is in the slouched position. The motion from the swinging seat speeds up the peristaltic movement of the bowel, and thus enhances digestion.

Swing-mechanism encourages to move

On Salli Swing models you can exercise during the workday. Small micro-movements are enough to enhance the circulation, especially in the lower back muscles. This slows down the degeneration of discs and vertebrae.

Pay attention to your sitting health!

To keep yourself healthy, happy, energetic, and productive, and to prevent any sitting-related problems in the future, I would encourage you all to do the following things:

  • Be aware of the potential and possibilities of high-quality sitting environment
  • Use two-part active saddle chair (swing models), adjustable table, helpful accessories and high-quality height-adjustable monitors
  • Be motivated to learn to adjust and use the furniture in an optimal way
  • Use sitting- and circulation-friendly, loose clothing that does not press soft tissues and disturb circulation
  • Exercise often to boost the brain, energy, and circulation: stand and stretch, sit and swing, roll and reach, walk and talk, work and gym, and have some exercise equipment near to where you work

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