Finding Flow With Max Gotzler

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How to access the flow state with author and founder of Flowgrade & Flowfest, Max Gotzler. Flow is the state where people perform at their best, which resides in the sweet spot between anxiety and boredom. Learn how to perform at your best when it comes to your daily routines. Max Gotzler will be speaking about flow at Biohacker Summit 1-2 November 2019.

Max Gotzler (GER)

Professional Flow Seeker | Biohacker | Founder @ Flowgrade | Organizer @ FlowFest

Max Gotzler is a former professional athlete turned podcaster, entrepreneur and flow seeker. The “Bavarian Oak” is the Founder of the lifestyle education company Flowgrade, host of the Flowgrade Show, bestselling author of “Biohacking – Optimiere dich selbst” and organizer of the FlowFest event series. In his free time, Max enjoys playing the piano and an occasional NBA 2K video game session.

Watch the discussion between host Teemu Arina and guest Max Gotzler on the topic:

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Learn more about Biohacker Summit 2019 here where your guest will be speaking. Live stream also available.

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