How To Survive In A Supermarket With Olli Posti

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How to survive in a supermarket with author and award-winning health influencer Olli Posti. Discover here why food in supermarkets may not be good for you, what to look out for, what to upgrade and how to enjoy eating without the guilt. 

Author & Supermarket Survivalist| Health Influencer

After eating his way out of multiple sclerosis, Olli Posti has been in the front lines for over a decade promoting joyful & healthier eating, nutrient dense foods and supermarket survivalism. Ollis’s work has been widely covered in the Finnish media. With his unique style and vision, Olli Posti has inspired tens of thousands to enjoy a healthier life. He was chosen as The Finnish Health Influencer 2016 by a public vote and his recent book, “Supermarket Survival: For the Love of Food and Well-being” has been a best-selling book in Finland, amassing a huge following of people doing better choices at their supermarket visits. The book will be launching in English language at the Biohacker Summit 2019.

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