Biggest Mistakes People Do with Their Gut Health – Interview With Wade T Lightheart

We had the opportunity to sit down with one of the upcoming keynote speakers of Biohacker Summit 2019, Wade T Lightheart (pictured on the right) for a short interview.

Wade T Lightheart is an advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, certified sports nutritionist, 3-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion, former Mr. Universe Competitor, author of the book “Staying Alive In A Toxic World”. He’s been in the health industry for over 25 years and coached thousands of clients worldwide. He is also a President and co-founder to BiOptimizers – the supplements company dedicated to discovering, presenting, and sharing strategies backed by cutting-edge research that leads to Healthy High Performance.

BHS: What inspired you originally to get into health and fitness?

Wade: I was always into sports throughout my childhood, then I received a bodybuilding magazine from my sister at 15 and got even more into lifting weights, plus got super inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger. When my sister died of cancer, I began to study more about what led to health, not just fitness which is generally skewed towards and performance outcome independent of health.

BHS: You have been a health industry veteran for over 25 years. What has been the biggest change you have seen in the health industry so far in the last 25 years?

Wade: More people including athletes on Plant-based diets, better nutrition products, genetic and epigenetic testing and the explosion in information exchange through the internet.

BHS: You are a 3-time All Natural Bodybuilding Champion and former Mr. Universe Competitor. Competitions tend to push the human body to the extremes. What was the biggest learning for you in terms of your own health?

Wade: Health and Performance are not necessarily linked together. Many of the most extreme athletes compromise their health in order to reach performance goals, so low-resolution thinking and short term thinking can have dire consequences for people if they don’t think through their decisions.

BHS: BiOptimizers focuses on fixing digestion. What are the biggest mistakes people do in terms of their gut health?

Wade: 1) They assume their digestion is working optimally or don’t take digestive issues seriously until serious health challenges arise. 2) They choose medical intervention either through prescriptions and surgeries that could be avoided. 3) They don’t recognize that optimizing gut health is the fastest way to get better results from dietary choices, supplement effectiveness, and overall general performance in virtually every area of life.

BHS: At Biohacker Summit we look into the future. What do you think is the future of health and fitness in the age of biohacking?

Wade: I believe that there will be an increase in choice of diets, supplements, exercise and technology that will lead to more flexibility in avoiding dietary tribalism and a decrease in dogmatic rigid belief systems about health and performance along with a rapid increase in technological breakthroughs as well as integration of more people into biohacking as an essential part of living in a highly technically advanced world.

BHS: What will you be sharing with the audience at Biohacker Summit?

Wade: How to optimize health and performance through understanding the challenges of optimal digestion particularly in how you can improve training recovery, cognitive function and accelerating the healing of the body.

Wade T Lightheart is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to optimizing your body and gut for better health and performance. Wade will be speaking at Biohacker Summit 2019 on 1st of November as one of the morning keynotes. His presentation title is How to Supercharge your Protein, Digestion, Muscle-Building and Fat Burning.

Wade’s Company BiOptimizers is one of the leading providers for supplements and information to fix digestive issues.

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