Metabolic Flexibility With Siim Land

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The human body has evolved in an environment of scarcity and uncertainty. This has created numerous metabolic pathways and adaptations into our physiology that promote high performance and optimal health.

In the modern world, people don’t experience that same variation and cycling in their life. We eat the same foods, follow similar routines, and do certain activities all the time. This can lead to stagnation, digestive issues, inflammation, and disease.

Metabolic flexibility refers to your ability to swap between different fuel sources and be able to metabolize different foods without suffering any negative side-effects. It’s a signature of a robust and well-functioning metabolism.

In this episode, Siim will talk about the characteristics of metabolic flexibility, intermittent fasting, strategies for building it, and other principles of optimal nutrition and meal timing.

Siim Land (EST)

Author | Anthropologist | Podcaster | Performance Coach @ Siim Land Coaching

Siim Land is an Estonian author, high-performance coach, biohacker and a student of life. He has a bachelor’s in socio-cultural anthropology, he has a blog, a YouTube channel, and a podcast about human optimization and wellness called Body Mind Empowerment. He creates content about human optimization and achieving your peak potential. He is the author of the Metabolic Autophagy book.

Watch the discussion between host Teemu Arina and guest Siim Land on the topic:

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