Biohacking Hormones, Love & Relationships with Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi

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Welcome to Biohacker’s Live Show! In this episode our guest is Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi (FIN), Love Doctor, Speaker & Author of “High On Love”!


Physician | Love Doctor | Speaker | Author of “High on Love”

Emilia Vuorisalmi is a Medical Doctor on a mission to increase health and wellbeing with the power of love in it’s all forms. Her first book “High on Love” was a national bestseller and currently Vuorisalmi is helping people to create their individual recipe for sustainable love by holistically balancing the key love hormones. The sustainable love system will help you to find your true self and enjoy the benefits of a happy relationship where ever you are in life.

Dr. Emilia Vuorisalmi will be speaking in the next Biohacker Summit in Helsinki, 1st and 2nd of November!

Watch the discussion between host Teemu Arina and guest Emilia Vuorisalmi on the topic:

Listen to the podcast episode here:


Learn more about Biohacker Summit 2019 here where your guest will be speaking. Live stream also available.

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